Bold Rants, Inspirational Raves & Poems, by Krista

a magical and bold view of the ordinary


Bold rants and Inspirational Raves
Palm Springs, CA.

Bio: At age 53, I have been recreating myself for 23 years - my posts reflect what I have encountered, and the lessons I've learned. I am a writer, a poet, and an artist, and a humanitarian. Politically, I am a HUMANIST, involved in the taking back of this Divine earth we live on, for ALL humans to enjoy. The malevolent energy blanketing earth for eons time has come to be exposed and transmuted into the light of our Creator. Earth is a giant TESLA coil (a quantum generator) and I believe we HUMANS are mini tesla coils (mini quantum generators) YOU are powerful beyond measure or comprehension. I have awakened, and I remember WHO I AM. A one~of~a~kind god~soul Being magnificent and loved by my Creator, and so are all humans. I am here to restore earth to our Creator's original blueprint, as well as my human body, and all life upon this earth plane, such as plants & animals (and our food which is now literally poison) by living FEARLESSLY & IN JOY! We are all creating our lives anew in every moment . . . what I am creating and pondering currently, and what I am attracting, I offer to you. LOve IS our liberator, and WE are CHRIST ENERGY! No need to be "saved" by anyone, for the return of the Master Christ, is each human awakening to our birthright of God with IN. Christ energy. Get UP off your KNEES! No loving Creator would EVER ask you to worship them on your knees! THAT is a false Creator, a pretender, a liar. GET UP NOW! Free yourself! . . . the power to do so is with you where you stand on earth right now, and it goes where you go, and can never be removed from your Being. Peace is possible for our world! Believe it. Please join me on my blog, *Bold Rants and Inspirational Raves, and Poetry, by Krista* Thank you for visiting my *Free Fiction* blog! peace and love sent your wayyyyyyyyyy

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