Majestic the lion was, King of the big cats. They were royalty that had graced earth’s lands for millenia. But in less than a few hundred years humans had nearly wiped out our glorious lions, to hang their magnificent heads as trophies on their mansions walls.

What is missing in these humans minds, brains, and hearts to cause them to believe it was their right to slaughter such a grand creature, not to mention all of them? And for what, exactly? For their ego, their decor, their insanity?

Black and golden flowing manes framed the Kings over sized features . . . black eyes as big as saucers, huge teeth able to end your life in a second, and paws so large they can bring down a full-grown zebra with one swipe.

100 years ago, a million lions roamed freely in Africa. 50 years ago their numbers had been halved with only 450,000 remaining. And today, 2017, we now have less than 20,000 of our wondrous lions left in total.

It may already be too late to save our favorite big cat, the gene pool may be stretched too thin for them to recover. Despite so many of us working to save the few that remain alive and free.

600 + lions every year are unceremoniously killed by big game hunters who have purchased a permit from the government, lured the King out of his protected lands to drug, then murder in cold blood their latest trophy. Better than prozac for these limp willies! 200 million dollars a year is made off our dying lions, who belong to humanity and earth, not the cretins who believe they own it all ~ you and your children included (check out the transhuman agenda connected to the cloud for a preview of your children’s future you are helping to bring about). 200 million dollars is made each year, but at what cost? The price we are paying is far too high, and we will never get these lions back . . . they are priceless! Not for sale cheap.

As a lion is killed it opens up the pride to a take over from marading male lions looking for their own pride. A full grown male lion has a 2-3 year window to produce as many full grown adult lions as possible. When a pride male is killed, the new comer kills all cubs less than 2 years old, so the females come into estres so the new pride male(s) can mate and spread their seed. When killed, it cuts short the window to produce adults, and thus the lions legacy and breeding might. So fewer and fewer are produced at all.

If we outlawed all lion killings right now, we may still loose them, but I say lets give it a go! We owe it to the generations to come.

ALL big cat numbers are falling at alarming rates. Their hard lives coupled with ignorant greedy (rich dentists) humans (mostly white males) spells the big cats doom. And humanity is on that list, too, if you sleepy heads haven’t figured that out yet, I strongly suggest you give that subject a little attention and action.


Will you join us in our quest to keep our Kings roaming free on earth? If you do nothing, you will one day be explaining to your children and grand children why there are no more lions roaming free. What will you tell them? The truth? Or a flimsy lie, like so many humans do to deflect their guilt and shame. Your kids are smarter than we were as children, and they know the truth, and have the courage to face it head on, even if the adults do not.

Please go to ~, to participate in our endevor to save the last of these creatures we all love so much, including the hunters that trophize them.

Tell your kids and grandkids that YOU did do something, and that is why we still have our Kings roaming wild, with their Queens, and their cubs.

Thank you for all you do and all you have done,


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