Law of attraction is the law of earth,

To you, from that law all is birthed.

Creation IS as creation does,

But you see creating as fluff & fuzz,

Confused, baffled, only looking at what was.

Spending your valuable NOW moments in your past,

Only cements your deepest fears fast.

Spending too much time in your future,

Denies you presence ~ leaves you needing a suture.

When you prop yourself up trying to get through,

Put’s you in a place where options are too few.

You have access to all you desire,

But all your fears must go into the fire.

No one can live free and in chains,

From your fears and doubts you must refrain.

Your Creation Process is YOURS alone,

No need for “saving”, no friend you need phone.

All you will ever need is within YOU!

Taking your hand, your God~Self does imbue.

Why do you demand and defend your drama?

Kicks you again, leaving only more trauma.

Reality pops up around you, attracted to,

Your dominant thought then manifests as YOU.

Living your moments in joy & happiness is key,

BEING happy unlocks clarity for you to see.

How simple it was to create all along,

You are creating NOW, in truth you are strong!

Quit your complaints, put a smile on your face,

Brings you immediately to your RIGHT place.

Can you stand where you are now, and BE in joy?

When you allow that, life delivers all your toys.

YOU are attracting ALL that you are, as you have always done,

Law of attraction can also bring you a lot of fun!

Contrast and tension aren’t “bad” at all,

They lead you onto new path’s of desire, and away from a fall.

Can you say “thank you” for your many lessons?

When you understand that, they turn into blessins!

“Lessons are blessins” how is that true?

Which one is dominant depends on you.

YOU ARE THE ATTRACTOR, not your circumstances,

Life is always in motion, but you decide what enhances.

YOU are a quantum energy generator ~ what are YOU creating?

For that VERY THING your thoughts & emotions are baiting.

You must align with your desires in a “have it now” way,

And once you do, in will come your wondrous pay~day.

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