Big Brother as the thought police,

Destroyed freedom, and the people they did fleece.

Deception, lies, and control,

Become our life and we play the role.

Obedient, conformist, do as they say,

Leaves man half dead, and is no way,

To experience life as it should be, 

Passionate, imaginative = you and me.

How can we live as we are not?

To do so is to succumb to rot.

To still breathe but be the walking dead,

To live without a creative brain in our head.

We’ve tried to win peace through war,

Hasn’t worked and only leaves us sore.

We must work for peace and be diligent,

Dispel hatred & fear without being belligerent.

Allowing other people their right to Be,

Is the only way for us to truly live free.

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