Was a Brave New World, a template or a warning?

Is freedom really “a slavery worth scorning”?

If conformity becomes the law of the land,

Will we be better off, or sink in quicksand.

What is freedom to you?

Is it the ability to think, say and do?

Conformity disallows free speech,

With it, we loose our right to impeach.

Those who rule with tyranny and deceit,

Without our rights, manipulation will repeat.

How can we live free and all get along?

How do we prove, those who seek control are dead wrong?

What feels best to you,

Living in chains, or the right to choose?

Without freedom there is no life,

Blind obedience only produces strife.

Before I will conform I would plung the knife!

Deep into my free heart still beating and pure,

For without freedom everything becomes a blur.

Love, Peace, Truth, and Critical Thinking,

Are valuable beyond reproach, but quickly sinking,

Into the depth’s of perpetual despair.

For a life of FREEDOM is beyond compair.

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