From word to war, violence holds sway,

Door to door, and day to day,

Violence and fear hinder our way.

 From dawn til dusk, and all night long,

We lock our doors holding strong.

On our knees praying to heaven above,

We load our guns, we push ~ we shove.

Guarding our own from hurt and harm,

Peace is worn as a lucky charm.

If only we knew, from where protection came,

Violence would end, and we’d play a new game.

Peace with In ~ Peace on Earth

For you, for me, for everybody.

A new earth will birth through actions of love,

Humans in harmony represented by the dove.

Violence Is As Violence Does, is in play,

But you have the choice, found along your way.

It is all up to you, what’ll you choose?

Make the wrong choice, and all you hold dear you may loose.

Peace Is As Peace Does, too,

MLK showed us how, but his kind are too few.

First we must choose peace with IN,

Without inner peace there can be no win.

World peace cannot be made manifest until,

Our own inner violence, we do still.