When I think about earth’s future,

I’m tempted to loose all hope.

The work at hand seems daunting,

I want to hang myself with a rope.

What’s the point,

There’s too much to make right.

I feel weak and teary~eyed,

Not wanting to go on with the fight.

But is it really a choice,

The work I do?

Compelled to continue,

To be honest and true,

To myself, to my day,

The only day that matters, 

In every moment and in every way,

Even if our earth seems in tatters.

Earth’s future will be cared for on the morrow,

My job is to empty today of all its sorrow.

To discover the joy in my now,

And live my life fully with a WOW!

So I go on and say what I must say,

Knowing earth’s future is created in my today.

~ Peace to you Friend ~ Peace to Earth & her Beings ~