Entering my shoot is that a stinker or a poo?

Directing me to head straight to the loo.

Do I dare to pop out a test?

Possibly offending the noses of the rest.

Oh NO, there’s something gushy in my pants!

I’ll never again be invited to the dance.

I quickly make my way to the bathroom.

Taking with me bleach, mop and a broom.

Who knows what I will find?

What I do know is it won’t be kind.

I should have gone when given the cue.

Forgot the pop and headed directly to the loo.

Hopefully next time I will remember.

I pray that doesn’t take until December.

For this month is only June.

In between there are many a moon.

By then I may have no friends left!

Abandoned, discarded, and bereft.

Or maybe it’ll make me the life of the party?

Make em laugh and prove I’m hearty.

Only a confident person would tell that story.

Then laugh and giggle, and roll in their glory.

“Glory! You’re kidding”, you say,

“Yes, glory for this day, come what may!”

I pooped my pants and lived to tell.

That’s an unbelievable story I can sell!

So next time your shoot sends you a cue.

Don’t pop off a tester head straight to the loo!