Cha Ching $ Goes the sale of America! Crooked Trump, sells “The Ear Of The President” to his million dollar donors who now get to pony up more cash to their PAY~FOR~PLAY~President, in exchange for favors, which are illegal as Trump pointed out. Remember Trump labeling “crooked Hillary”, for supposedly selling access to power called, “pay for play”? What a HYPOCRITE Trump is! No new news to those of us who did our research on Trump. We knew bankruptcy~King~Trump couldn’t successfully lead the largest corporation in the history of earth: America. 

This isn’t the first time Trump has tried to profit unduly. Ivanka and her husband, auctioned a “Java date” where the winner would have
“the ear of the president”. 72 grand was the winning bid. St Jude was the recipient, and after America came down hard on them, they removed the auction, and said, “the kids will be the biggest looser”. But why can’t the billionaire Trumps just give the 72 K to these kids in need? Well that ain’t how it works with greedy “never enoughers” like the Trump family. THEY receive, they never EVER give.

What losers we tax payers are, and those who give to charity! And the bilkers and greedy~pants are the “smart ones”. But Americans are the most generous people on earth, and apparently the Trumps haven’t gotten the word. Or more likely, they don’t care. That silver spoon they were all born with is jammed so far down their throat they can’t breathe.

We knew America would get Trumped, Thumped, & Dumped IF Trump conned enough Americans, outside of Dons Brightbart “people”, and we didn’t even know about Putin winning the election for Trump, which makes sense . . . Mr Softie could never win on his own merit and needed to cheat, which is the PREDATORY BUSINESS MANS MOTTO: “because I can”. He said it, “I won, who cares how!”.

Why don’t Americans care about hypocrisy? Jesus said, “The worst censure will be on hypocrites” because of their dis-honesty. Don’t Americans care about honesty anymore? Maybe they never did?

So far, only four weeks into Trumps transition, every day some greed driven act personally benefiting Trump directly, always involving money, seems to pop up. I thought trumps “people” would care about his crimes, but they do not. They are as crooked as Trump! All they seem to care about is kicking all the brown people out of America, and bringing back long~gone factory and mining jobs.

We need to move forward, as nothing stays the same, and we can never go back. Either we look to the future, or we rot on the vine. A piece of ripe fruit can never return to the seed. Our factory jobs have been shipped overseas, or automated. Coal & oil are being replaced with wind & solar, and all the new jobs are in those sectors, but are the people in these small towns planning forward? No, they are sitting, waiting, hoping to return to the past.

I too have had to reinvent myself many times over my lifetime. I know it’s scary. And sometimes it doesn’t work and I fail. But I never go back to my past and expect whatever I was living to save me or to give me my past back.

I feel that as Americans we are all in this together, then again, I was threatened by one of crooked Trumps “people”who thought I should not exist, nor people like me. So clearly we’re not all in this together, and I feel that I live in a divided country. To be fair, that’s not all Trumps fault . . . America’s divide has been widening for decades. However, Trump called out all of the white supremacist’s flying monkeys who are committing hate crimes in Trumps name.

Who knows how crooked Trump will fair? Will he make America great? Or destroy America and our world’s delicate relations with his dirty~dealing, crooked ways. We may be speaking Russian, or we may blow Russia off the map, IF they don’t blow America off the map first. One thing is for sure . . . Trump has made Russia great again for his best~bud Vlad. Get ready for the DIRTY $$$$$$$$$$$ to flow………..