WTF . . . the world responds . . . well. except the Russians, the crazies, and the white supremacists, who respond with unabashed violence with TRUMP chants.

But this is GOOD NEWS! Yes, great news in fact. We have taken back our elections from the corporatists! It’s taken me a while to get over the shock, and then the horror, and then the despair, and then the grief, and then I snapped out of it and realized we the peeps are going to be great the next 4 years, and then we will kick the self-serving trillionaire Trumps O U T! I’m sure even if Trump leaves at gun point, he will be bowing and claiming “absolute victory” on his way out.

Hopefully we will learn from our mistake, and going forward we will vet our choices 100 times better. I also hope the people who are about to be run over by the Trump administration are strong people who will stand up and scream “NOT IN MY HOUSE ASSHOLE!” Meaning, he cannot touch them, they are standing strong in their own beingness, and like concrete they are immovable. Whether in America, China, Palestine, Iran, Syria, or on the moon he can’t touch us.

Remember that tomorrow when you nearly pass out from shock while watching the news on Trump.

Electors: PLEASE VOTE TRUMP OUT! You can do it, I know you can. Stop these pompous demigods that act like they win even when they LOOSE!

Stand up you weasly democrats! Good lord, you are all marshmallows! Put *Elizabeth~Box Their Ears~Warren* in the ring and she will KNOCK THEM THE HECK OUT! BooYA!

Remember when you won women their right to vote? Does ending slavery ring a bell? Gay marriage made legal! On and on and on we the people rocked it state by state. We did it when Bush got in (yes, I voted for him both times ~ I’m a slow learner) and we will shore up our power with in our states the next 4 years, to protect all we hold dear from the robber barons about to steal it all.


Hashtag: Elizabeth Warren: Knock em out!