Russia cheered as Trump won the 2016 election . . . it was like handing them a pot brimming with gold and gems and oil and power and land and, and, and . . . corruption. They helped their guy win the presidency, and Russia is thrilled. Especially Pump, Russia’s despotic leader, former KGB, Putin (now known as Pump), who I must congratulate on stealing the Russians assets and in doing so becoming the RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD! Worth 85 billion. RUSSIAN PEOPLE: THAT’S YOUR MONEY! WHAT SISSIES! THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE SIT BY WHILE THEIR COUNTRY IS CONSUMED BY THE WORST ILK ON EARTH! America’s CIA is adding up all Putin stole right now. Stay tuned!

I don’t know how it’ll all work out once Trump figures out that he’s been trumped by Putin, who is a thousand times more intelligent than he is from all appearances. But as long as Trutin&Pump don’t start a nuclear war with each other, it will be fun to watch. (I’m trying hard to see it all as “fun” instead of “horrific & traumatic”)

But I know many people on earth will experience the horror of having predatory capitalists raping them and their countries resources, AGAIN! Nothing is worse than predatory “BECAUSE WE CAN” business people (usually white men that own multinational corporations) wanting your stuff!

When the Trump Presidency will end no one knows. Hopefully it will end soon, but then again, we got drug through 8 years of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, and Rove. Those were painful times, and the end of me being a life~long Republican. I spent most of 2001-2016 learning the ugly truth about the BIG spending Republicans, who are only fiscally responsible when Democrats are in office.

Yes, the dems are BIG spenders too, but at least the dems are not hypocrites! They say they are spenders, and throw the People a bone now and again, in between handing all of America to their corporate bosses.

We have a front row seat to the greatest show on earth! Oh sure, we are watching a ZOMBIE apocalypse, instead of a love story, or a story that we like at all, and we want desperately to change the dam channel, but we cannot. We’ve lost the remote, and can’t find the off button!

So far, I’m giving the Trump show a ZERO rating! I am canceling it since it is a boring horrible show starring an orange haired brain tumor, and his family of tumors, all of which are apples that fell so close to the tree that we can’t distinguish one from the other.

The Trumps will leave office trillionaires, and Tutin&Pump will be the richest men on earth! Although in jail, jailed by the people they bilked out of their hard EARNED (I know Trump nor Putin knows what that term means?!) money $

Cha Ching . . . $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 

Stay tuned……..