Why can’t politicians just tell us their views? Let us in on how they will run our country? If you call them on their lies, they say, “everyone is doing it”. Lying has become common place . . . the norm. 

I’ve been envisioning change in the political structure for about 8 years, and in my vision I see regular citizens in office, not professional politicians. And now I’ve gotten my wish. Only not.

Sure enough, a non~professional politician has won the Presidency. But no where near a “regular American joe”. Instead we got a reality TV movie star! How on earth did that happen?

I never once heard either my hardcore Republican or Democrat friends ~all of whom desire serious change~ speak of electing a reality TV host and all round profiteer to govern us.

We all believed a regular person who cared deeply about bringing in transparency would win the prize, kicking out the corporate fat cats (Senators) in the process. We want corporate~congress gone!

I think we are headed toward that reality, but we knew it would get messy along the way, and maybe life is inherently messy? Could that be it? Life is simply messy?

When I took on this political endeavor 8 years ago I agreed that I was all in, and that when it became a wild ride I would still be all in, but I had no idea dealing with so many violent people would be so difficult.

I understand angry, because I am. And so are all my friends from Progressive to Libertarian. We are fightin mad, and although we all really like and love each other, we go to blows on issue after issue in trying to find common ground.

So why then don’t we insist our campaigning politicians tell the truth, and be open and forth coming, and then hold~em to it once they are in office?

Winning is the reason why. Some humans want to win at all costs, and anything goes. “Losers” are thought of unkindly, even loathed by these “win at all costs” people. The RNC & the DNC are also the reason why.

The RNC and the DNC are the power structures behind the pawns being elected to office. Until we reform the campaigning process, nothing will change. 

The electoral college will continue to shove their ideas down our throats. I WANT MY VOTE! I want you to have your vote, too. Every single American should get one vote. That is the only way to ensure we do not become a full-blown plutocracy. The fringe won’t decide our elections, nor will corporations, nor will Russia.

Right now, we have fascist laws on the books, written by lobbyists with nefarious corporate interests, passed into law by our Senators, who are supposed to be working for us.

Lets come together as Americans first, and party second. We need to be conservative in our spending and law making, and with our precious earth and her resources. We need to be progressive in our forward thinking for our future, as nothing stays the same, and we can never go back. And above all else, we must each promise to consult the Constitution at every turn, knowing it is imperfect, but it’s the best we have. America is, after all, an “imperfect union”, but a United States, not a divided states.

What I really don’t understand is the violence. I wrote an article about Trump and his plutocracy being hypocritical since he promised to “think of the little guy”, and I know billionaires do not! And then a man (his picture was a bloody death mask) let me know “Trump and his people were coming to round my kind up” and how I and all liberals (I’m a former Republican ~never been a liberal~ and now I am an independent) are his “domestic enemies, worse than his real enemy in war”. He also had other threats and violent words for me, but instead of blocking him and reporting him, I decided to reply to him.

There have been many circumstances in my life (when any sane person had their mouth tightly shut), I would find myself stepping in front of a bully, or between a bully and his victim, and suddenly my mouth was moving and I was saying words to them. Inside I was telling myself to shut the heck up! But there I would go, stepping into the fire, again!

I asked him what he planed on doing with us once he rounded me & my kind up, and I explained that I wasn’t a liberal, and he said then they wouldn’t be as hard on me, but they will be 10 times harder on the never~trumpers than the liberals, who are responsible for every ill in America, apparently.

Frankly the person wasn’t clear about his ideas and had nothing to offer me other than insults and threats. He even admitted that half of what he said was to get a rise out of me, scare me, or it’s what I expected as an “evil liberal” . . . what?! At that point I figured in one of those wars he must have been hit in the head hard and that was my best explanation, or he loved violence, and I’m just his excuse today. I’m more Gandhi than Trump . . . although, only slightly. There was a part of me that wanted to hunt him down and do unimaginable acts of cruelty to him, to scare him, to stalk him, and bleed him to death, slowly. I’ve always said, I wouldn’t want to take me on if I was a criminal, cause they would be the one begging for the police to save them. I am unconflicted in that absolute fact.

But I never ever act on such baser thoughts. I am emotionally evolved and have avenues out of the pens and corals that anger and violence ropes me into. I always decide to talk, to face, to boldly go where cowards and bullies cannot ever go. For they are the inciter of said things, and not the other way around. They are creating their violent reality, and they take it with them everywhere they go.

Trump is partly responsible as America’s leader in chief. He used them to get votes, OR he is truly like them, which is it, Mr Trump? He is not responsible for their actions or their being, but they have always been in America, but now hate crimes with TRUMP plastered all over are popping up all over America . . . and THAT IS ALL YOU INCITER & CHIEF TRUMP! Own it, you coward! Quit hiding behind the skirts of white supremacists! Your pleas of “lets all come together hold hands and skip” are ludicrous after all the hate you spewed, and continue to spew every day.

Now I have never thought Trump wanted me to be rounded up and ??? killed? or tortured? If so, then what about his progressive daughter, Ivanka? Does she get a princesses pass? But commoner me, the American worker, middle class, blue-collar, well, this man fought in the war for what? So billionaires could take over our country? Too late ~ lol Oh well.

We have a lot of work to do to reform our political campaigns, but I am a firm believer that all Americans must be included in that conversation. Then again, once we open up a dialog, those bent on violence for violence’s sake will not show up to sit down at the negotiating table. They rarely do.

I’ll see you at that table, fellow American. We will come together for ourselves, for our children, and for all Americans . . . and for our country, still the worlds best hope for the peaceful revolution of freedom, finally realized on earth.