Should we have compassion for Trump and his supporters? For his billionaires and conflicted~interest~government~business men visiting Trump Tower?

Should we feel for their daunting task of running the worlds economies and affairs? Should we give President Elect Trump a break and not judge until after he gets into office?

Well, only 3 weeks after the election, Donald elect insists that we give him credit (judge him!) for the 1 % stock market gain from the day of the election, not even bothering to mention Obama’s record of increasing the stock market from a tad over 8100 in 2008 when he took over, to just over 19,000 in 2016! That’s a real wow! Mum’s the word, though. For once Don was quiet as a church mouse about that absolute fact.

But then I’m supposed to forget his love for Putin and Russia? He is on video butt~kissing his new bestie, Vlad, and loving Russia.

How can I give an egomaniac a break? I cannot get away from that feeling that he is in all ways a predatory business man at least. So I do have compassion for whatever happened in his life to create his conflicted words & actions. He IS consistently rude, factually wrong, and opposes his own opinions and ideas from the previous day. I would never vote for him to be our President or even my car wash attendant.

I listened today to small town democrats speaking about how  they voted for Donald because he said he was thinking of the “little guy”, and they said, “I thought he was talking to me”. They got taken by a shark. Now he is eating all the fish in the tank, and grabbing deals for Trump Enterprises. “Smart” as Trump would say, “I don’t remember saying I was for the little guy, doesn’t sound like me” he would chuckle while making a face, and then call them “losers that just sit around and whine while guys like him do all the work”, and the crowd would go crazy cheering.

Where did his voters come from? They came from middle America, and the middle class, and have been disappearing for decades. The dems were their team, and the dems forgot them, then ignored them, then kicked them, then called them deplorable. And maybe the dems weren’t calling them per~say deplorable, but close enough to swing their vote toward Donald.

They are forgotten Americans, but unlike the poor & donor class, the middle class pay for the majority of America’s taxes. Corporations pay a small amount compared, and some multinationals pay ZERO!

Ivanka once was interviewed and she said that one day she and her father were walking into Trump Tower and her dad looked over at a homeless man and said, “he has more money than I do, cause I’m billions in debt”. WTF!

How do we know he isn’t billions in debt now? He never gave his taxes because he never planned on winning. When he won, he was shocked, and his kids looked blown away. I knew then for sure what I had strongly suspected, the whole thing was a branding opportunity, and about dollars and nothing else.

Then he sealed the deal when he just announced he would still be executive producer on the Apprentice, so our President is about ratings! He is the reality TV King of the World. Just you wait.

I’m sure he has his good points, too, and I am watching closely for them. He seems to care about his family. I’ve never seen him kick a dog, but it’s the only thing I haven’t seen him kick.

I understand the middle classes frustration. At age 53, I am working for the same amount I worked for when I was 21. I’ve worked every day most my life to “get ahead”, so I began to investigate why I hadn’t gotten ahead, and in fact was about 10 times worse off with all the cost of living raises I never got.

I was shocked at what I found. We had been sold out by Congress on both sides. Corporations had taken over our democracy in tangible ways that changed it, and in doing so our rights, jobs, and freedom were forfeit.

I don’t know what the answers are, but I do know when we come together honestly and openly, we will get~er~done~lickety~split! We are already great as Americans, and America is the worlds greatest hope, still. We must do it for our children and future generations, but also we must do it for the worlds children and future generations. To speak for those with no voice or vote, to live free and openly and speak up when inspired to do so.

We must inspire those who are watching us and interacting with us, with our kind actions and thoughtful words. We must forgive and find compassion in our hearts for what we do not understand. We must strive for our highest ideals knowing we will miss our mark, and that’s ok. That’s just being human.

Live free! Live empowered! Live compassionately. Live BOLDLY.