The White House is at this moment being filled to the rafters with self~serving PREDATORY Capitalists of the worst kind . . . THUGS, really. How did this happen? How can we live through GETTING TRUMPED, THUMPED & DUMPED for 4 years!

So far Trump has been very busy taking credit for the actual presidents hard work (President Obama) saving the world’s economy the last 8 years, lining his pockets with TRUMP deals around the globe, and counting his dollars brought to him by world leaders and business men looking for a dirty deal, giving offerings of dollars to their Master & Chief.

Our “Dirty Dealer and Chief Elect” is ready and waiting to hand our magnificent county to the ilk of the world, to our biggest rivals, whom Trump used to win his election. He openly invited Putin to help him win ~ cheat! Turns out Russia came through for their friend~in~office~trump.

When did cheating become a viable business move? Well, it happened little by little, and the “Because We Can~ers” (predatory business people) have normalized cheating! “That’s life”, “everyone’s doing it”, “it’s just business”, blah blah blah. Cheaters ARE cheaters! YOU, Trump, are a CHEATER! And a liar! And there is a massive database to prove it. You are caught~on~camera doing your lie filled shows ~ your campaign.

The Russians helped Trump win because they KNOW they can control him with flattery and bribes. Trump has openly stated that he “likes anyone who likes him”, like a 4-year-old child.

How did we get a predatory business~plutocrat in our highest office? A reality TV show host? How have con~men taken over our highest offices in the world? Predatory Repubs and neoconservatives (the self~servers) have been dirty dealing overtime to unduly gain for themselves and their favorite cronymen. As always. 

Putin doesn’t see a “strong~man” in Trump, he sees a patsy, a rube, an easily flattered, pompous, greedy blowhard that he can control.

I am still trying hard to get on board the “trump~train” but it seems hourly Trump is putting dirty~dealing as his first priority. Sending me into a rant frenzy.

Please oh please, Give me something to like about you, or your policies! Quit making us feel like we’ve been trumped! Like we’ve entered a time warp, somehow, and we are back in the 1800’s with no internet to PROVE you are a liar!

YOU, Mr Trump are now a PUBLIC SERVANT!

OPPS……….I couldn’t even get through this short rant without you handing the most important job to Exon Mobile’s silver spooned best friend of Putin! Cha Ching$$$$ Dirty~dealing~de~jour! Go Rex! Go Putin! Go Trump! No really, I mean GO to live on mars! Poor mars 😦

You, Don, are FIRED! Along with your mottly~sold~out~crew! But luckily, you have your day job to fall back on . . . Reality TV show host, and America’s bankrupt award holder.