I Am Creative & Confident, I Live My Life’s Purpose, I Matter To My World. We all matter.

I Am Making My Living Being Just Me, Doing What I Love, Because I Am Imbued With Creativity In My Every Cell.

I Am Kind & Compassionate & Fair, Even When I Disagree, Even When I Dislike.

I Am Intuitive & Expressive, Although I Speak Only Truth With Integrity, Honestly, Openly, & Thoughtfully.

I Am Wisdom & Joy, Knowing Life Is Nothing Without Joy Filled Moments. Yet, Without Wisdom, Our Moments Can Seem Brutal.

I Am Presence & Peace. For Without Presence, There Is No Peace For Me, Or For Earth.

I Am A Leader & A Diplomat. I Will Lead With The Highest Intentions For All Concerned. All Will Be Included. All.

And Last, I Am Free. I Am Never Going To Forget That Absolute Fact.

I Am You. We Are The Collective, And We All Belong On Spaceship Earth.

We Are. One. Together. United. Always. Love. 

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