Why oh why can’t a Republican answer a bloody question directly?! It’s a YES or NO question . . . pretty simple. Yet deflection and distraction are their preferred way to go. “Ringing that bell” (lying) is their only answer, spoon fed to them.

And, so far, Pres Elect Trump is the master at ringing that lying bell. His bell is ringing constantly!

Again & again they refuse to answer, pretending the answer is so difficult they cannot possibly offer a definitive yes or no. But we are not dumb ~ well, most of us are not dumb ~ and we see your divisive actions . . . we do not like it.

The Vice President Elect Pence, was asked a question about General Flin’s son applying for a high~security clearance, all the while Flin’s son shared ~ FAKE NEWS ~ “pizza~gate” on his social media, which then caused a man to go to the pizza joint to “self investigate” ludicrous charges against Hillary, and fire his high-powered weapon inside the restaurant. Flin himself shared that same post, but his son ran with it. Pence was asked about Flin’s son possibly receiving high security clearance, yet Vice Pres Elect refused to answer, 4 times. The answer was YES, he was aware of that fact, but offered only tired old BS!

I am going to give my trust to the person who TELLS THE TRUTH! Even if it’s ugly, messy, or unappetizing. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone screws up. Our leaders WILL make mistakes . . . they are human. But I will forgive them and admire them if they tell the truth! I know how difficult it is to fess up, and say, “Yes, I made a mistake, and I’m sorry, but I/we corrected it, and he has been fired.” or “Yes, that is what happened, but I was unaware he was spreading those lies and fake news, which no one should be sharing, please fact check before you post . . . post responsibly, please. General Flin’s son has been fired.”

Please oh please just be direct, honest, truthful (the best you can), and quit treating the American people like dumb~asses!

On Van Jones new program, The Messy Truth, his Conservative guest, ” Rick Santorum was given chance after chance to hear people of color and religion share their fears and real life horrific experiences, and although Rick seems to be a caring man, he waited for them to stop pouring their hearts out, so he could offer his old tired talking repub points. No compassion outside of his ideology, a neo~compassionate! Rick looked right past them, through them. He didn’t see a human being, or their issues and fears at all.

This is where the dems do much better then the repubs, they at least act as though they care, and many do care and prove that daily with their actions. Many Trump voters spoke of their troubles and worries, and Van Jones guest, Republican Anna Navarro, and Progressive Michael Moore, offered real-time, honest compassion for their fears and disappointments, even while these same people spoke of voting for Obama twice, and how Hillary and the dems had “hurt them deeply”, and I’m sure that was hard for the dems to hear, admit and face.

The dems are on the cerebral side, and repubs are on the primal side . . . the next person/people/party that can bridge those 2 seemingly opposing human~conditions will take the hill, and our hearts. Those who can help us build a bridge between our ancient brain and our prefrontal cortex, giving us a more balanced perspective on politics, the world, and ourselves, will win the day and the prize. And should.

We are not going to live in a “brave new world” of obsolecense, idiocy, and compliance, NO . . . we are choosing to live in the new energy of compassionate living, during the most prosperous time on earth, where we each are journeying deeper into higher states of consciousness, facilitated by our marvelous brain/receiver through our prefrontal cortex & pineal gland.

We want our leaders to be real people, to care about us, and to relate to us. The transition from here to there will be messy, I’m sure, but hang on, cause it’ll be worth it, I promise. The change we asked for ~ demanded ~ is here. Although not in the package we ordered ~ Bernie ~ but the old saying applies . . . be careful what you wish for, cause you just may get it.