Bismark N.D. was slated to have the N. Dakota pipeline run through it too, but the mostly white residents said NO WAY! It was halted and rerouted in its tracks . . . no lengthy protests, environmental impact reports, water canons, pepper spray or vicious dogs needed.

At Standing Rock, over 200 Native American tribes came together for the first time in history ~ one might say if they had formed this kind of union they may not have fallen prey to the white mans ravaging, that is still in progress today.

Now over 2000 Vets have joined the tribes, stating that they are there to protect the “water protectors” and to place themselves in between violence by authorities toward the water protectors, and to help the Tribes survive the elements, of which the Vets are experts.

I love those Vets! And the Tribes, and those brave water protectors! We are with you. We are thinking of you winning over the multinational corporations who prove over and over that they care nothing for the people of any land, but most especially, brown people, and the indigenous.

There are many more volunteers and reporters at Standing Rock, too. Trying to lend their support in solidarity with forgotten Americans . . . the original Americans on these lands!

The Great Equalization is at hand, even though it will be hard-fought and even harder won. In my mind and in my heart I am already free , and I see freedom for all of earth’s creatures, great & small, brown & white, as well as for earth herself, so that we may all live in peace, good health, and prosperity, with clean water, food, and air.

Cheers to that!