Ivanka Trump has given me hope that the Trump Presidency won’t be a complete disaster. She is for climate change science & technology to aid in stopping and reversing our planets 6th extinction, now in progress. She wants equal pay regardless of the biology between an employee’s legs. And who knows, she may even think the melanin in a person’s skin does not determine their intelligence, or their intentions deep in their heart.

I am looking, searching, reaching for hopeful signs from Trump and his swamp rats. So far I like a few people well enough (ok, so at least they don’t scare me), and Ivanka.

One thing is for sure, Trump has fired up the American people, and the whole world in ways we haven’t been fired up before, or at least in a long time! That is a great thing. More people are participating in their own governance than ever before.

We are out in the streets participating in our own governance and protesting, exercising our fundamental rights ~ YEAH US!