If the powers that be had opened their ears, or cared at all, they would have seen their end coming. In 08, we took out the NEOcon repub party with the Tea Party, and now we are taking out the NEOliberal dems with our “NOT HILLARY” vote.

Our vote was against the system in place! We WILL have a new governance in place in America soon, one way or another.

I voted for Bernie, like I promised I would. But I know Many Americans wanted to vote for Bernie, too, but they weren’t given the chance. Plus I am, we are all, tired of our vote NOT COUNTING! I am an American, and I WANT MY VOTE TO COUNT! Good bye electoral votes! We the People, want OUR VOTE!

Going forward, I feel the new Progressive~Conservative~Constitutionalist party that I AM, will take the hill one day. We want our leaders to be conservative in their spending and law making, and progressive in their thinking looking to the future and in solving problems, and to consult the Constitution for policy. Above all else . . . every single human being matters, and will be counted and heard. We will demand our elected officials do their job, or THEY’RE FIRED!

The Constitution states that only passive income can be taxed (investment), and that a man cannot be taxed on his life (if he trades his life/hours for money like a job or a business), but have you heard that from the businessmen repubs? NO. You don’t hear that from the dems either, cause their greedy controling Corporatist bosses don’t want to pay more taxes either. 

Get ready for, # 1 TAX CUTS for the rich, # 2 MASSIVE SPENDING and debt $$$$, # 3 MORE WARS and privatization of war, # 4 WALL STREET & banker bailouts, # 5 massive destruction to planet earth # 6 the Progressives will have to come in and dig America out of the hole again that the predatory repub business Congress has gotten us into . . . again! Like we did after Regan’s big spending years, and after Bush 2’s big spending years, we are used to it, but we will NO longer take the blame for it!

We are still digging ourselves out of the hole Bush 2 dug us in, How long would it take you to recover if you lost everything: your money, your job, your health? A day or 2? A year or 2? A decade or 2? Never? Well the whole worlds economy almost went down in flames, and President Obama got us out and saved the day, but is he getting the credit? Not really, because the repubs simply are spenders & obstructionists, and nothing else. They hand your money to their crony buddies, line their pockets, and tell you it’s THAT GUYS FAULT! Pointing to brown people, or gay people, or women, or indigenous people, but who has held power for all these years? Who has been making the laws and decisions, and writing tax code all these years? 

These trade agreements the repubs hate so much, were and still are today the repubs nasty baby. Your own representatives voted to send YOUR JOBS overseas FOR GOOD! Then you blame me? Wow, take some personal responsibility for your own lives and for your own votes. YOU are the reason America is in this mess. Period. And me. Every American is responsible for our situation.

Listen up Trump voters: you have been TRUMPED! But what you seem to have missed, is that yes, the dems are big spenders and captured, but so are your guys, the crony repubs! The repubs held office for years and years and got us to this point, the repubs are NOT your friends or on YOUR side . . . they are the greediest on the planet, and you have been used and abused! They are the party of ME ME ME ME ME ME, what, you? NOPE! ME ME ME ME ME! I am a recovering repub, from a family of former repubs that realized we had been TRUMPED. We are all independants now, and NO ONE GETS OUR VOTE AHEAD OF TIME!

Yep, the neoliberals, and the neoconservatives are 100% responsible for our worlds convoluted political structure. America’s debt. The US military’s world take over. And the absolute destruction of our earthly environment.

Well, there is another group of people responsible: the American people! We have all allowed this to happen, and now only WE can kill our hideous sycophant creation. Congress has done whatever they want, behind the American peoples backs, and they must pay for that! JAIL TIME!!

We must do it for our children, and for our future. No one will do it for us, and those who want control and profit over a healthy planet and healthy thriving people, well, it’s game over for them. Bye bye.

I have one word for those who in the future take advantage of America’s political system: JAIL!