The American people warned our politicians that we knew they were captured by big business and owned by the CORPORATE elite. “You aren’t working for the people anymore, and THAT is why you lost”. Period.

In truth, the 2016 elections spelled the end for the DNC and the RNC, even if they haven’t gotten the message yet. And they haven’t. The DNC is trying to re~message their platform, but it’s too late . . . game over!

Going forward we will need new platforms that speak to the people being governed. The politicians work FOR the people, but they haven’t for a long time. The repubs have been captured since before the superhero that never was, Regan, was Pres.

To the repubs that mistakenly believe they have been given a mandate by the people . . . be warned . . . you are done and will not rise again. Don won because so many disenfranchised people voted for “anyone but Hillary”, but they did NOT vote FOR you, Don! Remember that.

The next election will be interesting, and the new parties coming online will be exciting. I will be voting for the Progressive~Conservative~Constitutionalist.

The person who talks about the needs of the people, and making those who are the most fortunate in our free market system pay their share, will get the votes!

The person who bridges the ever-widening divide in America will win. The person who unifies, yet still speaks to the individual groups to let them know they’ve been heard. The person who remembers that it’s not just those small groups that matter, but white lives and votes matter, too.

I thought it was silly when the white people dawned their “ALL LIVES MATTER” signs, when duh ralph we all know white lives matter, and the “black lives matter” and others who are not white would like to matter to their elected officials, too. Is that really a shock or out of line? NO!

In Austria, their people just voted the Freedom party down in flames. A 7 point loss! A mandate that we don’t want the predatory business billionaires to take over our world.

We shall soon see how the Germans vote.

If the repubs hadn’t been allowed to gerrymander most of our states, they would not hold the governorships and offices they do. We will be diligently voting them out in the coming years . . . look out 2018!

One last thought: we are all in this together, and we all want to be heard and to matter. Lets begin to live like that even if our “leaders” will not. Let us smile at our neighbors, hug a person in need, give to someone who needs help, and to speak with kindness even while we must speak difficult words that need to be spoken.