Americas future ignoramus and chief has started a war between China and Taiwan all because he wanted his building green lighted!

His buildings in Russia and South America have also been given the go~ahead, so Trump has been lining his pockets as our Inciter & Chief, and the head of the billionaires & bigots, but other than that what has he done?

Did he “save” those 1100 Craine jobs? NO! He BOUGHT them to the tune of over 70, 000 $ pr job! And 6 billion in government contracts/favors. Or I should say WE the tax payers bought them! And as always, reality TV is filled with scripted lies and brand building (duping their audience), and so it was 850 jobs . . . not 1100. He hadn’t even remebered he had made that campaign promise (to save jobs and bring them back to the US) until a Craine employee was being interviewed on TV and said Trump will save our jobs.

Trump said he would tax the companies at 35% when they tried to resell their products in America after leaving to Mexico, but in fact he did the opposite, and handed them cash and lots of it.

His Vice President to be, will need to keep his governorship in Indiana as he is the one that must OK the terrible deal Trump made. Plus as transition leader he will be very busy, I’m sure Indiana will get little of his time outside of TV appearances.

Get used to it Americans! Mr Softie hasn’t even gotten started. By the time he is done with America and our world, we will be in shambles, and there will be many more wars, and another major financial crash in either the debt or auto industry, or both.

I’m personally adopting Warren Buffets belief that America will survive any one President. I am choosing to see good in Trump, even though I see no evidence of good directly from Trump, or his mouth, or his tweets. I see a reality TV star, great at branding his name and getting high ratings, and nothing else.

In the documentary, You’ve Been Trumped, The Donald showed his true colors when he wanted the last stretch of ancient sand dunes in Scottland for his golf course. If you are one who believes in fair play, in honor, in truth, in justice, in honesty, in integrity, well, Trump is oppossed, and has already signed into law the abolishmnet of those ideals. They are FIRED!

I hope China gives America a break, and Taiwan too. In the end, our government halls may be filled with white supremacists and greed~driven self promoting billionaires, but we Progressives will do the hard work of undoing all the damage the repubs did, just like we did after Clinton & Bush 2 desrtoyed our worlds economy and left us all broken and in pieces.

Cheers to that!