In 2005, then President Bush went on a road~trip to con the American people into privatizing their social security. In 2008, the deregulation that had started in the Clinton years, and fulfilled in the Bush years along with massive spending coupled with massive tax cuts, paved the way for the implosion of our worlds economy, and if we had fallen for our Congressional predatory~businessmen~republicans, you would not be receiving your SS check ever again, and there would be nothing the dems could do to get it back for you!

Our reality TV President Elect Trump is already breaking his campaign promise to keep SS as is. He is bringing in anti SS, anti Medicare, anti education, basically he is anti everything but anti bad con~artist businessman. Those he is shoring up at record speed! The white house is going to be full of billionaires, just like you 🙂 Oh what? No? You are just barely hanging on? The Donald cares nothing for you or public service, and if you haven’t gotten that message yet, soon you will.

Interestingly, Dons dad got rich off building public housing in New York. Don was handed 14 million (like you probably got handed on your 18th birthday, right?) from his dad.

The Amway “good Christians”along with the Koch brothers, have literally funded most of the predatory repub government practises and the “ring the bell” is the repubs strategy (ring the bell is when you repeat a lie so often and exactly that our brain believes it must be true and accepts it as truth). Blackwater (the privatization of our US Military so that the fighters do NOT take the Constitutional pledge and are NOT beholding to the American people) is a hideous organization bilking, We the Duped People out of billions, even trillions . . . how do you think billionaires become billionaires? Honest work? Nope!

I was raised as a Republican, and my fabulous father ~ a great example of what a Republican should be . . . CONSERVATIVE ~ was a believer in “a hand up, not a hand out” but he knew there are always people in our communities we must care for due to the dirty secret that free market systems always leave some people out.

Social Security is one of those safety nets. Although, SS is what the majority of Americans live on in their older years, so do they become homeless? Will we be seeing 85-year-old homeless women ~ little hunchback grandmas on the streets begging for their dinner and blood pressure medicine?

I hope I’m being dramatic in this case, but I know the truth . . . the Don and his crew were as surprised at their victory as the whole world was, but Don didn’t get in it to win it, he got into the presidential game over & over for his TRUMP golden logo, and his branding, his reality TV persona, and greed . . . more more endlessly more (all for him, none for you, except his debt will be dumped off onto you the tax payer).

All of what we do NOT want in public office! It’s time to clean house at the white house. Any and all Corporitists, Predatory people of all kinds, be on notice, you are about to be FIRED!