Many years ago I decided that being thankful one day a year was silly, trite, and impossible. People gathered around enormous meals and gorged themselves all the while complaining, not being thankful for their family, friends, jobs, and good health, or really anything. 

I vowed long ago to bring the spirit of being thankful into my real life moments and to live free of complaints.

It is still a high priority in my day, and now I live in that space of gratitude and peace, prosperity and joy. I share those wondrous energies with others whenever I find a kindred soul, or a person in need of being uplifted, comforted, and reminded that they, too, matter to our world and her 7.? billion souls.

You matter. I matter. We each make a difference and we each tip the balance.

What if you knew for a fact that your thoughts, words, and deeds effected people in tangible ways. If you were predominantly nasty & hateful, or predominantly loving & forgiving, it would tip the balance of you, them, your local communities, your country and your world, to either ill health or great health, would you still think as you do? Or would you remember this post and alter your thoughts, words and actions?

Would you spew your venom less? Or more? Would you be more forgiving? More understanding? Perhaps you missed something, or didn’t have all of the facts?

Or at least are you charitable? Do you feel being judgmental is kind and charitable? Can you extend yourself to those in need? Look on the situation with fresh eyes? Be the change you want to see in your world, and your life?

I know it’s a challenge, maybe your biggest challenge ever! But the bigger the challenge the bigger the reward or pay off, so endeavor to push on the sides and ceiling of the box you live within ~ and we all live in boxes, of our own making, and others ~ and then turn ON the prosperity faucet and allow ample opportunities to come your way, knowing it will be crystal clear to you which are best for you at this time, and for all concerned.

Live IN thanks and good cheer. Make every day a Thanksgiving.