We the People, of America warned the establishment that we were changing the system, with or without the DNC, or the RNC.

We begged to get third-party candidates included. We asked and threatened to get a Bernie over a Hilary. Now Hilary is top-notch when it comes to children and women, and people left out of the system, but as far as the majority of us go, we believe she is the establishments gal, and we told~em~we~was~a~tired~a~them, so when they denied us Bernie, who won all 22 counties in the Midwest who also voted for Obama, and forced Hilary on us, we turned on them and either stayed home in protest, or voted for a silver spooned ill-tempered sociopath billionaire who thinks of no one but him and his, while hiding every single thing he does in his business and taxes, picking twitter fights with everyone who comments on anything from the size of his hands to the size of his beauty queens.

This election was not the will of the people choosing the president of their dreams, no, rather a sick and tired United States, united in bringing down first the RNC a few years ago, and now the DNC, and the establishment along with it by denying them power.

America was built to survive crazy rich people who gain power, and is a slow-moving behemoth, but can it withstand the Donald’s reality TV show “Make America Great Again” with his delusions of grandeur and his trillion-dollar budgets? I hope he is truly for all of the American people, like he professes to be. I’m rooting for him, and us all. And our world, too. I am praying for them now more than ever.

As I go to work, or run errands, or am in traffic, I’m noticing the rage in people, or the deep sadness almost grief, and I wish I could hug them and tell them it’ll be ok, eventually. And we have no idea what Mr Trump will do, so there’s that . . . he may be great? He will need to drop the nasty old disgraced guard he’s filling the white house with, and bring in some of that newness he talks about.

I for one refuse to be afraid ~ ever! It seems to me unproductive at least, and destructive at most, so I reason with myself that “it is what it is”, and I am doing enough, and so are many many people. I think of the millions and millions of people actively working to better our world, and maybe even Mr Trump is going to better our world? I can dream. Plus I’m an optimist, and have a good yet slightly dark sense of humor.

I know there is always a path out of every fearful situation, even if very narrow, long and winding, up hill both ways, over hot coals and broken glass. I trust, and I look for the opportunities to be grateful, to be kind, to be honest and true to my highest ideals. For my money, America is one for all, and all for one.

Then in 4 years, after the repubs have spent us up up up again, and done very little outside of blowing away countries on their elimination list, and lining their pockets, a Bernie, or an Elizabeth, or someone totally new, will dig us out of debt and our horrible standing in the world all the while taking the blame for the next derivatives collapses coming our way, now hastened by the extreme uneven power the repubs suddenly possess.

It’ll be a wild ride like no other in history, but I will hang on tight, keep my chin up, and look for and take advantage of opportunities that come my way, although unlike Juliani I won’t be doing business with Iran if they call. Nothing against Iran, everything against Juliani!

The many years woman fought for the right to vote so you wouldn’t spend your life in a poodle skirt in the kitchen with 40 kids in tow, or the countless years it took slaves to finally win their freedom from doing all the white mans hard work ~ not wasted, but simply part of the process of change. Every person was needed in the fight, and not one sacrificed for nothing. And gay rights now at least 20 years of hard-won fighting, all for the same rights I enjoy straight out of my mothers womb.

You are needed now more than ever! Every single one of us makes all the difference, and just one person can tip the balance, and when the masses move, well, that’s what the powers that be have always been afraid of, and still are today.

99 to 1 are no odds at all. Here’s to the 99 % prevailing in the end, and peace on earth will be our legacy. No more old bloated tired liars telling us they have the power to make America great again. Huh? No way! Not only is America great still, but our greatness has spread like a wild-fire around the world, and we are still the worlds best hope for freedom with a Constitution that protects us, and a free market system where all are equal, even if for now, only in theory.