What does infinity really mean?

From its components how do we glean?

Infinity seems a fiction and far away,

Yet we always have access including today.

How does a human being open infinities door?

Gaining the wonders of the universe and infinitely more.

I’ll take you on a magical journey with me,

Into God, heaven with in, and you will see.

Infinity is all around you, no beginning, no end,

If only for a moment your belief you’ll suspend.

You are not small, weak, finite, and frail,

If you knew who you were you would grow wings and a tail.

Come with me into the heart of God,

I have my path, you have your path, that ain’t odd.

We individuated from Oneness: All that IS,

Evolved in an elaborate story of hers and his.

Life on earth is challenging for good reason,

If it were a comfort you would never change seasons.

Life would end as the cycles stopped,

It takes a seed planted and then a pop.

Then some tending, and work to be done,

In an endless cycle that shouldn’t stun.

Earth plane is difficult, so get over that,

Move on from the windshield where you went splat.

Look for goodness, seek your joy,

Earth is also a chest filled with toys.

Infinity and spaceship earth are a wonder,

But also a treadmill that can plow you under.

You get to choose, isn’t that grand?

First face your fears and take a stand,

Your reality outputs your command.

Make your dreams come true, turn you into a believer,

Set your old life ablaze, and give drama the cleaver.

You are infinity ~ God is imaged in you,

For the world, be infinities glue.

Live in the light of our Creators love,

Be, “as below, as above”.

Be the change you wish were already here,

Be kind, share your gifts, and live in good cheer.

Infinity is simple and direct,

Your life today it does effect.

Dear human, Peace to YOU