Life is full of “should’s. I should do my homework. I should clean my house. I should be a good person. But what if we lived our moments with no “should’s”? What would our life look like with total freedom? Is that even possible?

I find there are some “should’s” I need, but I now weigh them carefully, and delete most of them from my thoughts and conversations. I absolutely reject “should’s” that come from other people who seek control by “shoulding” everyone around, like sheep. They have deemed themselves the boss and dole out “should’s” like they own the world, and those around them.

So the next time someone “should’s” you into a corner, tell them “You should get out of my way!”, and put their “should” right back on them. Thoughtfully evaluate the “should’s” in your life, and if you truly believe you should do, say, or be a particular thing, then do. If not, then don’t. NO “should’s” about it!

Here is a list of my self decided “should’s” . . .

  1. I should live free from tyranny.
  2. I should think for my self.
  3. I should know my own mind, and how I tick.
  4. I should never tell others how to live, what to think, or what to do.
  5. I should have fun and play and laugh.
  6. I should do what is right for all concerned.
  7. I should blow the lid off my limits, and live free.
  8. I should commune with my Creator directly, and not go through a middle-man.

Now, remove all the “should’s” in the above 1-8, and live “should~free”! Cheers to that!

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