How can I be the expression of God when I feel small and weak?

Where is God in me when I act the crazy freak?

If God is always with me then how come I don’t know?

Is it so I’ll experience, explore, learn, and grow?

Reaching for wonderment I shoot for the moon,

Life sometimes seems rough, but I’ll know God soon.

Quit the complaints, judgment, and snark,

A life of goodness and wonder I will spark.

Out of the old ashes arose a new me,

Burned in the flames, the old me was not to be.

Birth and death a thousand times or more,

Recreated in one life, opened the alchemist’s door.

Like the caterpillar dissolved in its own goo,

Becoming the butterfly is no woo~woo.

If you knew that the butterfly awaited you,

Would you go willingly into your pool of goo?

Can you step eagerly into the unknown?

Leave behind the life you’ve outgrown?

The butterfly you are, so do not doubt,

You are magnificent, that you can tout.

“YOU ARE THE BUTTERFLY”, I scream I shout.

So go fearlessly into your God-given glory,

Leave behind the worry, the drama, and create your new story!