I believe my life is mine in every way, to do with as I please, and that includes taking my own life ~ murdering myself. But I do not believe we have any right EVER to take another’s life. So when the German Co~Pilot took his own life by crashing a commercial plane in the Alpine mountains, I was aghast.

How did he come to the conclusion that he had the right to murder 149 innocent people in cold blood? He wanted to be remembered for “changing the system”, and I have no idea if he succeeded in that endeavor, but I do know that we will remember him (not his name, but his heinous deeds) as a mass murder.

He was possibly mentally ill, not just simply suicidal. I was at one time very close to murdering myself ~ I had planned how, but not when ~ and I never ever once thought about murdering even one other person.

When will humans stop wanting to be remembered for their criminal, barbaric acts, and instead desire to be remembered for how they loved their fellow-man and woman, animals and planet earth? For how well they treated those around them rather than how horribly.

More and more people are seeking a place of kindness, grace, and forgiveness, in themselves, and in their friends, family, and communities. We desire joy, abundant goodness, and a purposeful life that is fulfilling. And we all want and need to be loved.

The best and quickest way I have found to gain a desire, is to give to others that which we seek. If we seek to be loved, then give or show love to someone. If you seek kindness and mercy, then find kindness within yourself, and give that to another wrapped in the beautiful package of mercy and understanding.

You do not need to understand their actions, or their why’s, but only that you too, have done things others do not understand, and when they judged you unfairly or harshly you didn’t like it, so give others the break you desired.

Soon the very thing you are giving to another will show up in your life like magic. But it is not magic at all, simply the way we as humans work, as well as the world around us. The law of attraction is always in effect . . . like attracts like, so BE LIKE that you wish to possess, even if only in your imagination.

Every person lives in their own self-created reality, and our personal reality is made manifest through the images and ideas we hold in mind. Regret brings us more to be regretful over. Love brings more to be loved and those who love us. Hatred attracts discord of all kinds, and builds a prison that entraps us. Anger is hatred’s close cousin, and they skip hand in hand right off a cliff and drag you along.

But you are the driver of the vehicle that is you, and you are steering you to every experience you find yourself living. If you want a different experience, then change course! And change your attitude.

If you must commit suicide, I understand. It is not a sin against God. That B.S. was made up by the Catholic church because so many people found life too difficult and took their own life, which cut into the profits of the church. Quit believing what anyone tells you that “God said”, and ask God directly. You can commune with your Creator at any time . . . direct revelation with God is your right. Only fakers and frauds tell you that you must use a middle man to speak with God! Those who seek to gain your power unduly. Quit giving them your power!

This earth plane is not for the weak, or the faint of heart. It takes a mighty will, and nerves of steel to navigate, and most are ill-equipped for the journey. But you were born to explore your life, and your place in the world, and to grow and evolve.

At least do not add the crime of murder onto your decision, which is an actual crime in every way, both in the here and now, and the hereafter. Your life is yours, so do what you must, but allow others to make their own choices, as you are free to choose. Find someone who can help you if you are not capable of helping yourself. There are solutions ready and waiting for you right now, IF, you will seek them out.

For every problem there is a solution. Period. The German co~pilot choose to become a mass-murder, and for that I forgive him.

Mountains 107