Can you remain calm and cool while your dog barks excessively? Your calm demeanor is the first step in helping your woofer stop the out~of~control barking, explains, Cesar Millan. Yelling and loosing control worsens your doggies behavior issue.

Luckily there is a way to help your dog go from bark~A~holic to a calmer dog that doesn’t go off like a rocket every time the doorbell rings, or the mailman delivers your Netflix and junk mail, or the garbage truck goes by. 

The second step in helping restore quiet to your life and home is to be consistent in correcting your dogs barking~behavior every single time.

Of course your best friend requires regular mental and physical exercise: playtime is excellent for mental stimulation and nervous issues, and nothing beats a daily walk (or two) for physical health and pack leader reinforcement.

If your dog has gotten the idea that they are pack leader then you need to reclaim your spot as top~dog.

There are times you have “tried it all” and call a professional for a solution, but most issues can be resolved with a healthy dose of effort, a determined consistency, a spoonful of patience, and a sprinkling of love. 

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Pack animals ~ which our sweet woofers are ~ live with in a hierarchy. They look to the pack leader for direction, and accepted behavior with in the pack. Are you the pack leader? If not then you have some work to do.

If you aren’t pack leader, then your dog believes that she is the leader ~ the boss of you. She gets to make the rules and call the shots.

One trick to reclaiming your leadership position, explains, Cesar Millan, is to stand confidently between your barking woofer and the item being barked at: a door, a car, a couch, a person, etc. Say, “NO!” in a firm tone. That may reset your dogs barkometer to “normal” bark. You must repeat the action and order every single time until your dog begins to listen to their pack leader ~ you.

After you claim dominance over your out of control barker, distraction techniques help to get your dog off the scent and help reset their barking responses until you reestablish yourself as pack leader. Throw the ball in the back yard, play tug~of~war with a tug toy, throw the Frisbee at your local dog~park or backyard, or go on a short walk, and help your dog ease out of their nervous set responses.

Take the lead on walks to reclaim your top~dog spot, and give your woofer a clear signal that he is to follow the leader ~ you. Taking back your pack~leader power will solve a whole host of doggie issues that usually get worse over time, not better.

Do not ~ NOT ~ reward your doggies bad behavior with any kind of a treat! Treats are rewards for good behavior, and should be used in extreme moderation, or your beloved pet~kid will become overweight, and still believe they are in charge due to the treat~rewards they get you to fork over when they act badly. Treats will become reinforcement for their bad behavior, and you will become a slave to the treat jar.

Your dog is a dog first, and your pet~kid second. We often neglect our woofers basic needs in the process of humanizing them. When we supply their basic dog needs first ~ species appropriate food, physical exercise, and mental stimulation, all wrapped up in love ~ the rest falls into place.

The end result is happiness for your woofer and their pack leader ~ you.


Thank you, Cesar Millan, the Whisperer of dogs!

PS. never EVER hit or physically punish your dog, or yell or loose control, think dog~talk and behavior, and soon peace and calm will be restored to your home.