Words or pictures, which do more?

Both inspire and open a magical door,

Of beauty and splendor, of genius and wonder,

They come in to save us when life tramples us under.

More than mere communication,

Without words and pictures life would be no vacation.

Nothing but work, chores, and “to do” lists,

Instead of words we would solve problems with fists.

Can words stop wars?

Can pictures do even more?

Yes they can, this I believe,

To prove my conviction I’ll roll up my sleeves.

Get down to the work, or is it the fun?

To write every day, and lay down my gun.

To paint pictures with words,

But also canvas the bee’s and the bird’s.

To infuse with our Creators magnificent hues,

Communication without words I will sometimes choose.

For in my pursuit to become more,

Both words and pictures open genius’s door!

Mountains 060