I stood absolutely still, facing the lion, with no where to run. Grey stone rose high around me, and none of the on~lookers offered me any help. They were there to watch me be killed and consumed by the ferocious lion. My death was their entertainment.

Was I on my own? Had God abandoned me? Did God even exist?

Alone, laid bare, and out of options, I went inward to my only refuge ~ my thoughts and my emotional well-spring. Diving deeply into the cool depth’s of the blue water I swam and splashed in the love I AM. Comforted by the beauty of nature: the tall pine trees, the wind-blown palms, the delicious scented flowers popping in brilliant hues.

In that “no place” I found God. As I gazed into the heart of God it was then that I saw myself. Reflected back was a familiar face, of love, of grace, of compassion. I was in the only real place in all the worlds. I was a guest at God’s table of infinite abundance offered to all of God’s children of earth.

I felt the Oneness of Gaia, Humanity, and of earth’s animals. Finally I understood. Oneness is the infinite, where nothing real can be separated, and the unreal does not exist. The only power the unreal possesses is taken from infinite beings ~ humanity’s immortal souls, and their spaceship Earth.

Our free~will is our protection and we must relinquish our free~will in order for usurpers to gain our power. Once we have discovered this simple truth, we can regain our power with one thought, “I stand fully IN my infinite God~power, and I take back any and all dispensations of power I gave, whether directly or indirectly. All of my transformative power is for my highest use, now and forever, for all eternity. So be that!”

As I began to awaken from my peaceful dream, it was then I saw the lion. Beautiful he was, lying on his side sleeping below the farthest wall. I watched as his golden chest rose and fell with each breath.

I looked up at the amazed on looker’s silent in their disbelief at what they were witnessing. Suddenly I heard a thump and looked down at a rope laying next to my feet. I quickly grabbed hold and was pulled up by a brave soul. I looked into the eyes of benevolent compassion. And then I understood.

In that final moment I found God, myself, and the only protection we ever need . . . to remember who we are and from where we originated.

The original God~race, born from the infinite, individuated for earthly purposes into a linear existence called human reality. 6.8 billion God~droplets, all individuals born from the same ocean of oneness.

In that lion’s den, every breath I inhaled was God breathing eternal life into me. Every breath I exhaled was the love I AM recycled and returned to the infinite. In an endless cycle of creation, each human exists to be the living expression of our Creator, the absolute Oneness of the individuated love droplets dispersed in a grand experience of discovery.

I thanked the kind soul who was brave enough to risk his security, his social standing, and the rath of the cowardly crowd to follow his highest sense of right~eousness for my sake.

“Be ye not afraid”,  is a command, but more than that, it is our protection. By allowing fear to overpower us, we close the door on our infinite help, and we open the door of discord and defeat. Fear is insidious and works its way into the smallest of cracks. We all feel fear, but It is our job to recognize our fear and stand in our God~power whole and fearless, alive and free.

When we allow fear to remain in our hearts and in our minds we grant our power to whatever it is we fear. One of my favorite sayings is, “This is my house (meaning ME), and FEAR is the stranger here.” Fear must be handled immediately and seen as the nothingness it is before it becomes a stronghold within our being. Recognize fear as a thief who comes in the dark and invades and steals our peace, our prosperity, and our precious now moments that comprise our wondrous life.

Live fearless ~ Live free ~ Live fully empowered! 

Teddy Bear

This is Teddy, my sweet lion.