There is an American saying, “I had a senior moment”. It means they forgot or can’t remember something, which we all do, even children. But is this statement an invitation for future memory loss? Or just someone’s weird idea of “fun”?

As we learn more about the human brain we discover that our words do matter, and even more so, our intentions cast today will manifest in our future moments as our reality.

There are many contributing factors to memory loss: poor diet, toxicity, lack of exercise (lifestyle), ignorance, and genetics also play a small role. But are we actually calling forth dementia and illness to be lived in our future reality?

If our words and intentions do create our future, then shouldn’t we talk a healthy, strong, vibrant future “us” into existence? Is it really “funny” that our memory will fail and expensive memory care and adult diapers will be our future?

That is not my idea of funny! I plan on living 100% well in body and in mind, until the moment I kick~it at age 120 in my garden bending over to pinch my younger boyfriends cute hinny. Ahhhh……… now that’s worth imagining.

Living free of dis~ease, and in~wellness takes time, money, and effort, but for me it is more than worth it! I AM worth it! You are worth it!

I have found the pieces to my puzzle and I now enjoy wellness. I encourage you to discover the path to your wellness, and live free of drugs (which are toxic!), illness, and memory loss. It IS possible, but NO one will do it for you, and corporations, advertisers, et all, are already counting the massive profits involved with your slow decline, and your life filled with “senior moments”.

And just think of all the money you will save ~ and the American tax payers paying for all of your illness care. Cha Ching$ Deprive the bloated corporations of the planned windfall, and live forever young until the day you leave earth.

Cheers to your wellness!