“I try to think 6 impossibilities into possibility before breakfast,” Alice said. Wonderland was a fictional place, but our linear reality is also a fiction that each human brings to life. A quantum concoction brought into linear focus for the purpose of human experience.

Earth is a playground, or a learning ground where each human is allowed their unique perspective. Every person on earth has their own view of reality, of life, and a one-of-akind purpose. I believe we each possess our own brand of genius and talent meant to be discovered and brought into expression through our experiences for the benefit of all.

However, few of us realize our genius. Instead we flounder, doubt, complain, and get lost in other peoples idea of us. Our talents and genius are left on the table and die with us still undiscovered.

When I heard about Alice In Wonderland’s wishes and desires she brought to life before her first meal of the day I wanted to do the same, so I placed a reminder note by my loo, and every day I imagined 6 impossibilities into possibility. At first it seemed too great a task, and I tried too hard making it a brain twisting chore. But I persisted.

Eventually I made it simple by flashing the possibility into existence without offering resistance. My favorite impossibilities made possible were, “world peace”, “equality for all humans”, “the end of my food addictions”, “realizing my dream career”, “the end of animal and human abuse”, “my ascension without death” . . . they all seemed equally impossible to me.

As I endeavored to see these ideas as my reality now I expanded my 6 original favorites to include many more. If I heard of someone who was having difficulties I would imagine them easily achieving their desire as one of my 6 for that day.

I imagined the final outcome as a vivid picture in my mind in living color, with scents, sounds, and tastes. I would make it so real I thought I might reach out and touch it. My new reality became my only reality, and the “impossible” reality was shredded and sent down a black-hole in my mind. 

What if we could imagine our fondest dreams and desires as our reality now? And what if life’s hard spots and rough edges weren’t cast in stone like we mistakenly believe? In the quantum world ~ which is all around us ~ impossibilities do not exist, and our linear world is a reflection of the quantum world. Nothing, come to find, is cast in stone! There is not one reality we all share, but instead 6.8 billion different realities living inside each human~being on earth, expressed through our free will.

Alice’s genius was navigating a world that had been temporarily turned upside down, but what about our upside down ideas? Who told us our world had to include atrocities, inequities, sorrow, and suffering that we could do nothing about? Most people had good intentions, but were still dead wrong. We accepted their version of reality for all, and never thought for ourselves past the barriers set up in our minds.

If you were to turn 6 impossibilities into possibility right now, what would they be? Can your mind even go there? Or does your brain and ego instead offer barriers and cemented thoughts which translate into stress, tension, and fear in your now moment?

My many moments spent in limitless thinking produced unimaginable beauty, grandure, and peace of mind, but there was another outcome I had not anticipated . . . the doors and ceiling of my own reality were blown off (probably into that black hole, or perhaps flushed down my loo), and I now live a freedom known to only a few humans throughout history who had quantum sight and were able to see the many dimensions and possibilities come to life.

This quantum all seeing vision still does not come naturally to me, and I must strive to include limitlessness into my current reality, which is a perpetual now~moment: no past, no future. I give myself a break since I am human, and what took me half a century to make may take a while to remake or unmake, but I am grateful to Alice and her wondrous rabbit~hole for showing me a magical expanded view of a fluid reality made and remade in every single moment I breathe called NOW.

Mountains 118

Peace to you. Peace on earth.