Christ came to show us how to live a compassionate life

To stand in our peace, to help others, to end suffering and strife

“These things I do, you will do, and more”

Was a command, an edict, an open door

But instead we made him a God, and fell to our knees

We refused his gift, our own power, and declared we were no more than the trees

“Knowing the truth shall set you free”

When understood, is the illusive key

How to forgive our enemy, how to live in love

All our dreams realized when we accept help from above

Christ consciousness awakening IN you

Loves transformative light shinning through

That was Jesus’s gift to humanity

The end of suffering, the end of insanity

Jesus left behind in our bodily cells

Trillions of adamantine “God” particles

A quantum present accessed in our NOW

“All that IS” ushered in with a big-bang and a pow

From the love of our infinite source, God

We did come, down from the cosmos on a golden rod