Is greed the god of the modern world? Or has greed been present throughout earth’s history? Perhaps our modern world – the internet – simply allows us a glimpse into events and happenings most of the common people of earth have rarely seen. But is there a greed gene? Perhaps it is passed down through our genetic make up, or is greed taught? Is greed inherent within some of us, and not others?

Why can’t some people seem to ever get “enough”. More, more, more, endlessly more, is their motto, and “because I can” is their excuse. They say they have the “right” to do what they do, and that I do not have the “right” to stop them.

The Genome Project, which was touted as having the ability to “save humanity”, was a bust. That knowledge will help us if we use the information correctly – to better human health – but it can also be used destructively – to create Frankenstein’s, all the while lining the pockets of the corporations who believe they own the rights to our genes. Yes, the corporations have sliced and diced your genome and declared that they, not you, are the rightful owners of your genes!

What the science has found – through thousands of studies – is that our lifestyle creates great health or dis-ease. Our daily choices: what we eat, drink and lather on our bodies, the medicine we take, whether we exercise or not, etc, all contribute to our wellness, or lack there of.

But is there a greed gene? Why are some people so afflicted with the need to amass huge fortunes even at the expense of many people? What compels them to stomp on their own grandmother to gain another dollar? Even when you show them the destruction they cause, they come up with nifty little names like, “collateral damage”, “unintended consequences”, and “that’s business” to justify their actions. Maybe they posses the greed gene, or is their greed gene is fully activated?

Our genes and our DNA can be effected by our thoughts and actions. The 95 % “junk” DNA is actually our inner “dark energy”, meant to be utilized by the host (us) to heal us, and transform us into what we desire.

Dark energy in our Universe is the building blocks of what is to come. Dark energy is abundant and encompasses 95 % of our Universe. It is active, not inactive. Just because we can’t see it, or what it does, doesn’t mean we should discount it. But discounting what we do not understand is what we humans do.

What if you had a control panel inside you, and you could navigate your way through your life with ease, possessing the ability to become a new in whatever way you desired? How would your life be different?

Why not begin your transformation now, and learn to love yourself, and your world, and create the life you desire? It IS possible!