Be the head and not the tail. Sounds silly doesn’t it. But in those 7 little words is found freedom from the fears that assail us, a letting-go of what we cannot control, and the realization that we do have a say in the contents of our moments we call “our reality”.

When we choose to be the head we break the chains that bind us, and get relief from a world that at times is crushing, at least from our point of view.

When we are the head we have a different view than we do when we are the tail. The tail follows where the head leads. The tail has no ability to choose differently, or think for itself. All the tail can do is react to the circumstances the head leads it into. The tail is a follower. The head is a leader.

When we choose to be the head – thank goodness we do have a choice – we are assuming the role of the leader. We think for ourselves, and act rather than react. We decide to go in the direction that suits us best under the circumstance.

What’s the burr in your saddle? You do have a choice . . . you can decide to turn toward the blessings in your life, and move into an attitude of gratitude which automatically brings relief and peace, or you can decide to swim around in the muck and the mire of your woes making them bigger in the process, offering complaints instead of solutions. The sad thing is that all the while you will mistakenly believe, “That’s life! Nothing I can do about it”. Ignorance sucks.

Which direction you turn toward will decide your fate. You are the deciding factor in your life, and your moments. When, that is, you choose to be the head instead of the tail.

BE the Head and NOT the Tail, and your life will fall in line with your new vision. Remember that the next time life’s circumstances conspire against you. For when you choose the tail, the whip-lash you receive is simply part of your reaction. To act or to react, that is the question . . . now you know the answer to how you can create a happy life filled with peace, joy, and purposeful moments.