Silver linings are found within every experience, if, we are willing to discover them. If we are willing to give a little attention to the good that comes out of every experience, and turn away from – even for a moment – what we fear or what makes us feel sadness and pain.

We all become addicted to the drama of our life – and we all have drama! – much like people gawk at accidents when they drive by, or how people watch reality TV, even if the family they’re watching is going to the toilet the whole time . . . they sit glued to the TV. The drama of life lures us in and we soon become comfortable with in the hoopla of the moment.

When my father died in 2001, I was devastated. Somehow the question, “but what if there was a way to feel joy even while you’re feeling sadness?” was presented to me by my higher-self. I was intrigued. How was that possible? And then the answers began to arrive.

I had a right to feel joy in all of my moments, and in doing so, I was not being disloyal to my father. I was sad, even devastated, but he wouldn’t want me to exist in that state. My dad would want me to en-joy life. To be happy, and to have fun.

As I explored that possibility, my joy began to return. I had done a tremendous amount of work to get from feeling depressed to feeling joyous in my life, and I didn’t want to return to a depressed state of being.

If Helen Keller could find the joy in life despite having little sensory perception to navigate her world, why can’t I, with perfect health? Helen said, “when one door closes, another one opens, but so often we are stuck looking at the door that closed, we miss the new door meant for us – opportunity – altogether.”

Seek your silver linings – they exist in every situation. Quit using your eyes to glean accurate info about the world around you – instead look on your world with new “eyes” by envisioning the world you desire, and look to the good, instead of being crushed by the drama of the moment.