John Barrymore said, “A man is not old until regrets take the place of his dreams.”

Lately – at age 51 – I’ve noticed that I have unintentionally allowed a few regrets to slip into my thinking. I have a strict policy of “NO regrets”, yet a few managed to slip in.

I hear people speaking about their regrets, and it seems a fact of life that we all have regrets. Why do some people allow their regrets to ruin their future moments, and others do not? What is different about their regrets?

My only goal when I die is to have no regrets. I would love to ascend instead, but that’s another story. If I must die – and everybody tells me that I must – then I want to kick-the-bucket regret-free.

I know a ton of old-young people if John’s saying is true. I know very few who would be considered young, outside of chronologically. We are not taught to dream. Dreaming is pie-in-the-sky, and all that rubbish, you know.

We are told that we should be serious about our life – get a good paying job, and save for retirement.

The problem is, life is rough, and if we abandon our dreams and fondest desires – which are meant to get us through our tough times – then what will pull us through? What will keep us going? How can we live without our special purpose and fondest desires come true?

Included in Americas GDP – our tax dollars – is money used for the study of social sciences. That’s us . . . We the Peeps. But the discoveries are not given to us, the owners. Instead the information is given to the corporations who use it against us in our advertisements. They know how we tick – even though we do not.

There are a slew of jobs designed for minions, and they need us to fill them. If we are all off “following our dreams”, who will do all of the grunt jobs that pay a hair above nothing. We should be glad to have a job, after all – the Republicans say – at any wage, even 2 $ as a food-server in a restaurant working our tail off. But we cannot pay our basic bills on that, or even 8 $, so why not go for our dreams . . . what have we got to lose?

Although I’m a late-bloomer, I’m finally living my dreams. I am loving life, and even though I still do work a few hours a week at a “job”, I am grateful for the income while my dreams are manifesting. I’ve grown fond of eating!

I wish I had awakened earlier in life, but that didn’t happen, and entertaining that thought for long leads straight down the lonely road of regret. So I will let it slip back into the darkness from whence it came.

I’ve brought my dreams out into the light of day, to pave my joyful way. I will live my life free from regret, and be young until I die, for it isn’t the number of years lived that equals life, it’s my energy-infused dreams that make my moments matter.

Dream On!