Broccoli has more protein than beef! Yet meat is presented as the best source of protein. Why is that? Special interests, by the way of big ranchers and the dairy industry, which “our” USDA is beholden to, and represents. We the People have no one to watch out for our interests, save ourselves. The food pyramid is created, and once in a while changed by the USDA, so of course meat and dairy receive a huge hunk of that pyramid despite the thousands of studies done that prove meat and dairy are the culprits of disease, not the foundation of good health.

Animals have complex bodily systems: their brain, and reproductive system (hormones included), so we are eating something that is difficult for our 30 foot colon to digest. Plant eaters have long digestive tracts, and meat eaters have short digestive tracts. Humans have very long digestive tracts.

Vegetables all have varying amounts of protein, but are simple forms of protein that work in concert to create perfect proteins for the human body. Each vegetable has a component of a protein that connects with other components in other vegetables to work synergistically to create complete proteins ideal for humans. Our long digestive tract is designed to glean every nutrient out of our plant-based diet. The nutrients are banked in a cellular account and called out when needed, so you don’t need to eat one of every veggie daily to receive the benefits.

Animal based proteins of all kinds create uric acid in a digestive tract which acts like a poison. That is the reason a meat-eater, like a cheetah, has a colon a quarter of the length of a plant eater, such as a giraffe.

Yet plant eaters are the largest and the strongest animals on earth. Think elephant, hippo, and the largest dinosaurs, too. Meat eaters are smaller – lions and wolf’s – and the reason they have a short digestive tract is due to uric acid, and the need to move that toxin through their body quickly before it kills them, or at very least causes inflammation leading to disease.

So load your plate with a large variety of fresh veggies – and keep meat and dairy consumption to a minimum – and soon your energy will skyrocket, and many of your diseases will minimize or vanish along with your need for drugs. Your grocery bill will also drop as the most expensive foods are animal based.

Swap broccoli for beef, and your digestive tract will thank you, your pocket-book will thank you, so will every cell in your body. Increased energy, restored youth, and abundant vitality will be your reward.