Genes get blamed for our every ill, but our genetics do not determine whether we experience illness or enjoy excellent health. Our genes only contribute to about 1% of our physical or mental problems.

So why do genetics get the blame and credit for illness or wellness? There are thousands of studies that prove beyond doubt that our lifestyle determines our wellness or lack there of. At most, our genes lean us toward certain diseases, but our lifestyle either keeps disease at bay, or cultivates it. Our lifestyle is determined by our daily choices.

Veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds are packed with power which translates literally into energy in your body. Think about a raw, unsalted sunflower seed . . . hidden within it is enough power to grow a whole new – and large – sunflower, seeds and all. That is raw abundant energy. Could you – or anyone you know – use more energy during your day?

Every single action we take requires a payment from our energy bank. If we translate energy into dollars, and look at a product that costs 1 $ verses 10 $, the reason is largely due to the energy involved in making the product. Sleeping costs you 1 $ in energy, walking costs you 5 $, deep thinking costs you 7 $, and running costs you 10 $. Flooding your body with vital, live, nutrients deposits high energy dollars into your cells, which gives you energy to spend. The key is to deposit more than you spend. Consuming veggies costs you 1 $ (yes, even veggies produce some waste), eating meat costs you 5 $, drinking alcoholic beverages costs 7 $, and drugs (over the counter and prescription included) costs you 10 $.

Toxins cost our body a great deal, and low quality food and nutrients only pay a fraction compared to fresh, raw veggies and fruits. Just as with your bank account, you must deposit more than you withdraw, or illness and premature death with be your fate. Bankruptcy, whether material, physical, or mental, can be avoided when we understand the costs of what we do during the course of our day.

Found within dead, sugary & oil based processed food is the ability to drain your body of vital nutrients. Inflammation is the result, and all dis-ease is caused after the body is inflamed. Even brain disorders are an inflamed brain. Have you ever had a knee problem, and had trouble bending it, moving it, or walking on it even after the injury has healed? That is inflammation.

Inflammation is a healing response to an injury, but it is also called out with any problem the body, or brain is going through. From bothersome and embarrassing aliments such as allergies, bad breath, body odor, and acne, to infections of all kinds, cancer, dementia, and virtually every other issue that pops up, toxins in our daily routine are the blame. Whether ingesting foods or drugs (of all kinds), or lathering your skin with chemical based lotions, right down to the water you drink and shower in, toxins are the reason illness comes calling.

Inflammation fighting foods are: ginger, turmeric, boswellia extract, kale, spinach, berries, and coconut, to name a few. Always use fresh when possible . . . get a fresh coconut and whack the top off and drink the electrolyte filled coconut juice and spoon out the white meat and add to smoothies. Use fresh ginger root (cut it up and swallow it after peeling, it makes a great tea, too, and is fabulous in smoothies, and stir fries), turmeric root (peel, cut up, and swallow), and fresh raw greens.

Like an apple (along with everything on earth, due to oxidation), our bodies and brains decay, but what we do in our day – our lifestyle – determines 90 % of our health . . . leave an apple out in the heat and it quickly rots, but put it in a dark, cool place, and it’ll last for 8 month’s! You are the apple . . . quit believing that you were born to live with illness only to die an agonizing death. Find your dark, cool places that give you abundant, high quality energy long into your golden years. How golden are years spent in misery and decrepitude?

Organic food lowers the toxic load on our body, because less harmful chemicals are used, and old style farming practices are still implemented. Toxins cause inflammation, and coupled with a low nutrient intake, paves the way for disease to take form.

I have simplified my life by creating 2 lists I give credit for my excellent health: “eat more of” and “eat less of”. It is that simple. The lists are in constant flux, and I am always fine tuning them, depending on what I need to accomplish, either in fighting a particular illness, producing more real energy (not through caffeine or uppers), or to simply experience better and better health and vitality as I age. Our bodies are designed to regenerate – and indeed are regenerating right now – and that means decrepitude is an option. I can become more vital, and acquire better health as I age. But only if I understand how my body and brain work, and know what they need, and when.

Cost plays a role in most of our decisions, and organic food often gets the boot because it’s more expensive. As more people eat organic food, it will become less expensive. So how can we eat organic food and keep our grocery bills and restaurant bills low? (if you’re lucky enough to have an organic restaurant, or one that offers local farmer produce and goods) You and a friend can split a meal, and half your bill. Please still tip well, since the server is still doing everything for you, and deserves a good tip. If you cannot afford to tip, then you truly cannot afford to eat in a full service restaurant. Tips are now your servers wages – literally.

One way to save money, is to eat 4 oz. of meat instead of 6 oz. You can then buy organic meat instead of pesticide loaded meat. When buying meat, the leaner the meat, the lower the pesticide level. Fat is a pesticide attractor, both the fat cells of an animal, and in our fat cells, too. Cheese is very expensive, so to save money skip all cheese, and watch your health improve in just about every way. Nearly everyone could give up cheese, although it is lathered on everything in our stores and restaurants, and most of us have become addicted or at least used to the taste.

The quickest and surest way to clear up acne – and my own personal experience – is to give up all dairy from a cow. Dairy is not needed in our body, and in fact is the cause of many of our ills.

A great way to keep our veggie and fruit bill low is to know what is in season, and grown locally. Buy in season, and you can fill up on less expensive organic produce.

Another way, is to go to your local farmers market and buy direct from the grower, which will only have what is currently in season. Most farmers markets are not organic, but local is great, too, when desiring better health. And an added bonus is that you will help reduce carbon emissions in the process. Less carbon is used when an apple travels 2 hours away from where you live verses 2 days away.

There are 12 veggies and fruits to avoid if they are not organic, and 15 to buy if they are not organic: termed the “dirty dozen” & the “clean fifteen”, when you buy with these list’s in mind, that will catapult you to good health for a fraction of the cost of buying strictly organic.

I try to buy organic 90 % of the time, and I will give up something else to be able to do that. But if costs are a factor in not being able to eat organic, then consult the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen.

Provided by, Environmental Working Group, here are the “clean fifteen” & the “dirty dozen”.

Clean Fifteen:

  • asparagus
  • avocado
  • cabbage
  • cantaloupe
  • corn (a grain, not a veggie, and most is genetically modified, so avoid!)
  • eggplant
  • grapefruit
  • kiwi
  • mushrooms
  • mangos
  • onions
  • papaya
  • pineapple
  • sweet peas (frozen)
  • sweet potatoes

Dirty Dozen:

  • apples
  • celery
  • cherry
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • grapes
  • hot peppers
  • imported nectarines
  • peaches
  • potatoes
  • spinach
  • strawberries
  • sweet bell peppers

In addition to the dirty dozen . . .

  • collard & kale
  • summer squash & zucchini

Figuring out what for us creates great health and abundant energy is a life long endeavor. We are responsible for us, no one else is. We are in constant flux, nothing remains the same on earth . . . we are either getting healthier, or heading toward illness.

Doctors are illness managers, not wellness consultants. Although some doctors do educate their patients in simple ways to become or maintain great health without prescribing toxic drugs. No one knows your body like you, since you live in it. Learn to recognize the signs of illness, and then find its root. Figure out which nutrients your body needs to heal, and which toxins you need to remove (detox) or stop ingesting.

Get active, too. A body is designed to move. Strength training is best, and builds strong muscles and bones. Exercise calms our mind, and relaxes tension caused from life’s difficulties. A strong body is a flexible body, so remember to stretch! You can do it almost anywhere, unlike most exercise.

Open up your mind to the possibility of reclaiming your excellent health, or creating it if you’ve never experienced it . . . new ideas cannot enter a closed mind, since your mind is the navigator of you. It is possible to enjoy wellness at any age, and no matter where your health currently is, you can overcome illness, and live free from dis-ease, and decrepitude.

My vision for the moment I take my last breath is, “I am 120, working in my veggie garden, I bend over to pinch my younger boyfriends bum (he is 80), with a cookie in the other hand, when zap – I keel over dead, still grasping my cookie and my boyfriends hinny, with a smile on my face.

What a way to go! Cheers to that 🙂