In the greatest con-job in history, predatory capitalist’s have used America’s “Land Of the Free” as an advertising campaign designed to rig the game in favor of the fat-cat corporatists at the expense of 99.9% of earth’s people.

In a phrase coined “The 1%” (the factual number is actually .01%), a con-job to snatch all of earth’s resources and steal the hardworking people’s livelihood and very life through legal means has worked like a lucky charm. They purchase your elected Congress person – usually a Senator – and use them to enact laws in their favor, and against hard-working American peoples’ interests.

All wealthy people are not in on this “take over of America”. Only those who use their money to buy our elected officials to make laws that hand our money to Corporate fat-cats are included in the .01%.  They contribute no hard work outside of bilking, We the People out of our hard-earned assets. Wealthy people who worked for and found a way to take advantage of an opportunity afforded to all Americans are not – NOT – included in this. I have known at least 10 people who made 200,000 – 500,000 million dollars by simply being in on an upstart like Microsoft, or born with a genius restate ability, or investment prowess. Basically they had a natural talent and cashed in on it. Any of us could have done the same, but for some reason didn’t. We all have different talents. Timing plays a role in our lives, too.

The Corporate take over of America has gone too far. Some would argue that the game has long been rigged, proven by the fact that by the late 1800’s the fat-cats who somehow found themselves the owners of most of America’s mineral, land, and all other wealth, had already purchased their own personal Senator, and 75% of Senators were millionaires. That translates into 44 million in today’s money. Their palms were greased with bribes, and everyone knew it and did nothing about it, except to get in on the dirty deals.

The good news is, that 10-20 wealth-transfers (called bubbles) later, Americans are waking up, and soon we will be kicking out the Robber Barons, and their pawns in Congress. We will elect people for the American people, and we will hold them accountable for every word and deed, unlike days of old where Congressional hopefuls were encouraged to lie with impunity, and be handsomely paid for their corrupt law making and regulation busting.

In the documentary, “You’ve Been Trumped”, Donald Trump – in concert with the Scottish federal government – stole hardworking people’s land and livelihoods, while bombing them with slander, insults, and dirty tricks. The Donald had the ear of many a newspaper and news program, yet the hardworking citizens of Scotland had no one, save one unknown filmmaker. A hero with guts galore, a will of steel, and a willingness to go to jail for someone else’s rights and land.

The Scotsman under fire – Michael Forbes – had more gumption and fortitude than all of Trump’s suits combined. Michael Forbes – who is beloved by Scotsman everywhere for being a good man who helped others and worked hard – stood calmly while the Donald used despicable means time and again to off him from his property. And the high courts and the Scottish federal government were in on the deal, and protected Donald Trump. That’s right, not the honest land owner who had paid for, and farmed his land on the ancient seashore’s dunes and wet lands for generations, but rather the corporate crazy-haired American fat-cat who was trying to use the last stretch of wild beach in Scotland as his personal casino. Donald succeeded.

To be fair, the local government – made up of locally elected people – did vote to protect both the sand dunes and Michael Forbes, but the federal government trumped them as so often happens around our globe.

America is no different. The courts always side with Corporations and government officials. Not one time has a regular person won out over corporate, state, or federal interests in a Supreme Court case. If someone has enough power, or powerful friends, they can take your land through “Eminent Domain”. Poof . . . gone!

It’s true that some millionaires and billionaires use their money for good. Warren Buffet and J.K. Rowling all gave hundreds of millions away. Many wealthy are generous philanthropists, and fund countless charities. But some charities are simply fronts to hide tax-free money for the rich who never seem to have enough and are ruled by greed. “Off the backs of others” they got theirs. They feed off of hard-working people who do the majority of the work in this world.

I feel a revolution – evolution is at hand. A taking back of our governance and freedom and country. No shots fired, just the Constitution in hand, led by a burning desire to do right by all concerned. Not Socialism, but all people counted, and everyone’s rights considered.

No more wars to fuel the bloated corporations who massively profit from all wars. No more unfair tax deductions – a level playing field in a open-air game in whatever system of economics, We the People decide to use. We already have capitalism set up, so perhaps we could begin there. Reinstate the free-market  system we mistakenly believe we operate under, and level the playing field for all.

No more casino capitalism with trillion-dollar bail-outs regularly being handed to the plutocrats. The end of their welfare program for billionaires, while the rest of us slide further into poverty as planned. The “trickle down” was really a “trickle up”, and We the Duped People of earth figured them out. Thanks for nothing, Milton Freeman!

We will need to comb through every area of government and undo and redo every law, act, and decision made. But it is worth it to finally get the transparency we’ve been promised and deserve.

In our schools we need to teach future American voters how to govern themselves from an early age. And help our young ones understand that their participation is required to live free from tyranny, control, and manipulation. The über-wealthy teach their children how to rule the masses in their private schools. They also teach them entitlement all the while accusing the regular working folk of asking for more entitlements that we paid for.

Government is, “Of the People, By the People, and For the People”, and that means us! That means you. Every single American should contribute to their own governance, lest they become a slave to be used and abused by those who do show up. Or perhaps we did show up and bought the sales-pitch of the greed-driven plutocrats who found themselves the possessors of 80% of the worlds assents and resources. 

The greedy rule us because we quit showing up to our own governance, or we became politically correct and voted for whoever we were told to, and refused to listen to the truth, the facts, or think for ourselves. Neither the corporate Republicans, or the corporate Democrats have done the American people any favors by voting for their bosses – the corporations and the elite.

People say they know the game is rigged, and the politicians are dirty, but that’s the way it is, and that’s that. Somewhere in their life they were conned into apathy, inactivity, and a sense of powerlessness.

It doesn’t help that America’s “news” corporations are in on the take. Currently we only have 6 mega corporations feeding us garbage as news instead of digging deep for the truth and reporting the facts. But Americans have found a way around that, too, by going to online independent news organizations that still report on relevant issues that matter to us all. They skip the “he said” – “she said” pony show, and give us real information they dug up themselves by investigating.

Vice is a fantastic new show on HBO that digs deep to find out what’s really happening on our planet. But then again, if it gets to mainstream media – which HBO is, then they, too most likely are serving the greed driven agenda.

The regular folks of America, and our world, have a lot of work to do, but we are already used to doing all the hard work. This will be a cinch. It isn’t easy, but it is simple. They educate us from an early age to believe it is complex, so why bother? You can’t fight city-hall, right?

But We the People, are city hall! The plutocrats want us to go down in defeat by willingly abandoning our right and duty to vote. The system is designed to be a dirty cat-fight so that calm, peaceful people feel like they must run for their lives to save themselves from becoming an angry, hopeless mess consumed by our corrupt political system.

We must end the so-called “Free Trade deals” that have squashed all free trade (think about it . . . why do we need a “free trade deal” if we already can trade freely?), and are used to deny freedom to one, while handing piles of cash and assets to another, is one of the congressional amendments that must take place.

We must take back our money supply from the not-so-federal-reserve, who has reserved our money for their favorite wall street peeps and international bankers who own it all. Or so they believe. All the while they charge Americans interest on our own money and hand us their debt when their wild bets go bad. “Quantitive Easing” is a great example of the Federal Reserve literally handing our money over to the corporations who trade on the U.S. stock exchanges, and Goldman Sachs is at the top of the corporate socialist list. For years now, 80 billion every month has been gifted to the bankers and the corporations after they crashed the worlds economies flat in 2008 with their high-stakes gambling. Termed “Bets and Swaps”, it was a new wall street “vehicle” called derivatives. 600 trillion in Swaps and Bets – called “Black-Box Deals” were traded between the late 90’s and the crash in 2008. The Federal Reserve is shoring up the bad bets and basically buying worthless properties and loans and bets that the gambler’s that are the banks made knowingly. That is money we will never see again, and the neat thing for these profit mongers is that they are still making billions in profit. How is that? We are dropping 80 billion a month into a hole, and yet they are profitable? That is the legal criminal system we have in operation at this time.

Our congress peeps made their crimes legal – America is a Republic based on law, not a democracy – for Wall Street and corporations to make their dirty, faulty trades, and We the People must work within our legal system to make their criminal acts a crime.

President Clinton voted a key piece of legislation null and void – the Glass Stiegal act of 1933 which separated commercial and investment banking, enacted in 1933 after the stock market crash of 1929 – and opened up the money-spicket for the greedy to legally bilk the American people out of their hard-earned assets – their homes, their retirements, their jobs and business’, their futures, and the futures of their kids, and grandkids. Over 8 trillion of middle classes assets vanished, or transferred into the elites bank accounts in less than 10 years. President Clinton sold the American people on the dream of every American owning a home, which turned into a Freddie Kruger nightmare for many of us. And the Corporate President – Bill Clinton – knew it, and cast his vote for his favorite corporations. But Pres. Clinton has been handsomely rewarded and now has billions flowing into his “charitable” organization, as I type this.

Now they are coming after our last drop of blood – our Social Security, our Medicare, our Food Stamps (Snap programs), our public education, our basic human and civil rights, our public lands and public resources, and the list goes endlessly on. It will continue while profit is the model by which they conduct themselves. It will also escalate while growth is their number one goal. They are legally bound to go for the jugular and make profit and more profit their main objective.

The incentives will have to change, too. We are incentivizing greed, the destruction of peoples lives, and the wasting of earth’s resources, which should be gifts for all humans, not just a few.

Employees are expendable. Earth is expendable. You and your kids are expendable. And anything goes. Until, that is, a regular person tries it, then they bring out their laws books and their jailers, and lock us up for breaking the insidious laws they themselves bought and paid for with the help of their army of lobbyists, and our corporate-congress.

Americans actually pay for their “entitlements” in their taxes. Over 300 taxes! We are taxed to death. In our Constitution, it states that a man cannot be taxed on his life, if he trades his hours for a paycheck then he cannot be taxed on that money. Passive income is taxable. Investment money is passive income. Growth is taxable, profit is taxable, stocks are taxable. Although very little taxes are due on passive income. Our elected crooks guard the bloated tax system with their lives, leaving regular Americans to pay the lion share of taxes, receiving little in return. Investment properties are taxable if it is not your personal residence. Yet our residence is taxed like a lotto for the state! But your home – which we all need – should not be taxed.

How is it that Americans have been sold on an idea that is easy to debunk with a few hours of reading and investigation? A great place to begin is the U.S. Constitution. It is small and simply written.

Cleverly, they have made the term “conspiracy theorist” unappetizing, and it makes most people run for the hills. All they have to do is attach that little bomb to a subject, and people cover their ears and sing la-la-la.

This con-job on America is not a theory or a conspiracy . . . it is a fact that is provable with a little effort and time. I encourage you to become involved in your own governance, and to teach your children that they, too, must contribute to and show up to their own life and livelihood.

There is a saying, “If you don’t vote, don’t complain”, but it goes much deeper than simply uttering complaints. Our civil and human rights are the life’s blood of our modern world. Never before in history have so many “regular” people had such a good life. Our Constitution protects us, but only if we know what words it contains, and what the meaning and intention of those words were when a small group of men risked it all to found a nation of free people who would be governed by no one but them selves.

The separation of church and state was part of that . . . America is not a “Christian Nation”. The founding fathers were fleeing both the King and the bank of England, and the “Christian” church had a stranglehold on it all. More destructive wars have been fought in the name of Christianity than any other group of people in earth’s history.  There is nothing Christian about that, any more than the “terrorists” killing children and women for their God are “good Muslims”. No one is “good” or “godly” when thinking only of themselves and their need for greed . . . when will we figure out that what we call ourselves is irrelevant, but what we do speaks so loudly words become moot.

America’s golden idea of freedom for all of earth’s people is the worlds greatest hope, and it has spread around our planet like a wildfire. Nothing can stop the freight train of freedom barring down on those who wish to control and abuse, We the People of earth.

One day we all will live in peace under the reign of freedoms light – and the united people of earth will make sure we are never again used in the greed driven agendas of the .01% egomaniacs.

Cheers to that!