Socialist! Capitalist! Slut! Liar! We hurl insults at each other like bullets – in heightened voices and heated tones – to verbally slap other person. But shouldn’t conversations connect us, broaden our views, and open our minds?

Words have always been used as tools of insult. They seem less harmful than guns, and they aren’t illegal, but do words have the power to cut like a knife, or flood us with joy and love? Can they inflict pain and suffering deep within our minds and even within our bodies, or posses the power to heal our mental and physical dis-ease?

Dr. Emoto’s scientific work with the effects of words on water and on food proves that our words do create or destroy – the out dated idea that our words aren’t as important as our actions is false.

Our thoughts, our words, and our actions work in concert to create the reality we see around us. Dr. Emoto found that one simple word spoken once a day for 30 days to food or to water, created unimaginable beauty, or shocking ugliness.

Our words do matter to us, to our world, and to everyone we meet. With our words we can uplift a person who is feeling low, or smack down someone who was feeling fine before we unleashed our word-bomb.

We feel justified in hurling weaponized words because we are told it is our right to do anything we want with impunity on this planet. But is it our right? Do we have the right to trample on another’s rights in the pursuit of our rights?

Our words have become weaponized to the point that either people are afraid to even begin a conversation on a delicate topic, or if they do, they are red-faced and yelling soon after.

What happened to opening up a dialog that broadens everyone’s view, or is at least safe and sane. Why can’t we discus what we hold dear, what is on our mind, and what is important to us?

The powers that be don’t want us to freely speak about important matters . . . keeping us ignorant and out of the loop, ready to defend our opinionated points of view, is how those in power keep control of us, and get us to willingly do what they want.

We are manipulated into our belief’s, and by not opening up intelligent dialog we remain powerless, ignorant, and led around by the ring in our nose.

What if we could all freely say what we want, and what needs to be said? What would our world look like if we all agreed to speak peacefully to each other and come to our own conclusions? Fox “news” wouldn’t exist, nor would most cable “news” programs. The Housewife’s would have no-show!

What is so frightening about hearing a point of view that is different from ours? Will we be harmed if we hear a fool speak his foolishness? Or can we remain peaceful and listen while ludicrous words and ridiculous ideas are spoken?

That is the mark of an enlightened person. They understand that what comes from another isn’t about them but rather that person, and just as they would like to be heard, so would we all. We can all be considered a “fool” by someone’s standard.

If it was safe to speak passionately, remaining calm, level-headed, and engaged in a thoughtful conversation, would you speak your mind more often?

What if conversations were meant to connect us by stretching our idea and softening or eliminating our prejudices – less about judgment and being right and more about critical thinking, understanding, and sharing.

What would our conversations be like if we all agreed to approach each other with respect and kindness, a willingness to hear the other persons point of view, knowing that they are willing to hear ours? With no cruel words being thrown at us.

We must be the change we seek in others, lest we be a hypocrite. We must put our lofty ideas into practical application, and willingly do what we ask of others.

All goodness and all harm begins with us. All we can control is ourselves. We cannot control another – ever! Give up trying. Our lives get 80 % better the second we give up trying to control other people’s words, ideas, and actions.

Tension in our bodies and in our minds is the result of being a controller. Real and lasting control only comes within the letting go process. Dropping our tension, like grasping a tennis ball and then letting it drop to the ground by relaxing our grip, is the way to live free and in peace.

When we realize we have no control over others, and give up the pursuit, we live in peace. Our gentle words, our uplifting thoughts, and our helpful actions all reflect our tension free way of living.

Our kind words will make us peacemakers of society, even when we are in disagreement. Our words and intentions will be meant to unite, not to tangle and do harm. Not as weapons.

The next time you listen to a fool speaking their foolishness, remember that you, too, are some bodies fool, and grant them the right to speak their mind, just as you deserve the right to speak your mind. Be the peace you want to see in your world, and it will manifest in your daily life in tangible ways that create peace, joy, and a solid foundation meant to connect us all.

Each of us is unique, we will never all be alike, that is the beauty of this world. We are meant to bring our wondrous gifts, our unique views, and gentle beauty to our world to share with our fellow humans . . . let your words create the loving world you seek.

Within your mind is the power to create a magnificent life with your words of understanding, of peace, and of beauty. Stop attaching bombs to your words, weaponizing them in the process. We have enough loose cannons flying around, we need thoughtful, heart-felt humans who are committed to using their words to uplift others, as well as themselves.