People do not understand their own brilliance. They don’t realize a genius lays in wait, deep inside, if only they were to call to their masterpiece, and invite their purpose to be put to good use, it would show up and transform their life into their fondest dream, and beyond. Hidden within each of us is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered and brought out into the world.

Our world needs people who live on-point, and have the courage to bring their most precious asset out into the light. It’s terrifying to think of putting our deepest desires on display for the whole world to see, to examine, to comment on, to stomp, or to smash to pieces.

That is a risk we all take when we find our deepest desire and begin to forge it into our purpose. True, some people will try to stomp on it, but usually not because they hate you or your newly found purpose, but rather, because they too, are afraid and vulnerable. They too, are filled with doubts, and fears. Or perhaps they have been conditioned to be negative, and your living on-point reminds them of their own failures, and broken dreams.

If you asked someone what a genius is, they would respond with names such as, Mozart, Da Vinci, and Einstein. Their genius is famous and we all agree. But that wasn’t always the case for these genius’. Mozart was known to be a genius early on, and by age 8 had written his first symphony. But Einstein was still a 3rd clerk in his late 20’s, and Einstein’s father died believing his son to be a total failure.

How is it possible for a genius to be thought of as a failure? Because his genius was yet undiscovered. And due to Einstein’s “thought experiments” in which he went into a meditation, he called a “nap”, and rode a quasar going the speed of light, just to experience it, to feel it, to see it, within one year he wrote 4 papers, and for the rest of his life, it was those 4 papers he was known for and spent his life working on.

Within you is found your genius, your gift to the world, and gift to yourself. Everyone born on earth is given a gift to give to their world, to discover within themselves. Our world needs your unique brand of genius, more than ever.

There are many challenges and obstacles on the path of life, but if we don’t get caught up in the drama of our moments, and turn instead to joy and love, life is magical. There are 2 sides to every subject, on one side is lack, on the other side is abundance. We each cast our vote with our thoughts, words, and actions. Direct your thoughts and your words, and then your actions will follow suit. A wondrous life will be the result, all brought to the surface by your desire, and asking.

Hidden within you is a masterpiece. What you do with your life is up to you. You are a blank slate, and you’ve been given every color in the rainbow to create with – go wild!