Gratitude has the power to remake our life, and ease our burdens, so why don’t we spend a few moments a few times a day feeling grateful for our blessings? Gratitude is cosmic gold that pays dividends in tangible ways.

I do believe, if you asked people if they’re grateful for their blessings, they would say, “Yes”, but that’s not the same as counting your blessings, and actually placing your attention on your plentiful blessings in a way that expresses thanks – gratitude.

Gratitude is an attractor, and once sent out, it returns to the sender ten fold, or more.

Look around you now, and notice what you feel happy about having, or being, or doing. Feel a warmth wash through you and comfort you in a way that makes you truly believe – if only for a second – that everything is in perfect order, and will work out well for everyone involved.

That is the power of gratitude. Often our solutions show up more quickly when we eliminate the needless drama surrounding our problems. I say “needless” not because the drama isn’t real, but rather, our attention on the drama distracts from our attention on the solution, and thus slows its arrival.

Reacting like a drama queen becomes habitual, and clouds our thinking process. When I have a problem, I want a clear head that is primed for solutions, and not focused on the drama, which is, what it is. The drama remains the same regardless of if I look toward the solution, or toward the problem. But its effects on me are minimized when I skip the hoopla and focus on the quickest best way out of my predicament.

Best of all, gratitude is free, easy to apply, and we all have the currency of gratitude: blessings. Our blessings may be slim, or meek, but every human on earth is graced with at least the blessing of life.

From there we have many more blessings . . . a job or career, family & friends, a home or dwelling, transportation & cars, food in abundance, education & higher education, technology & innovation, running water, electricity, good health, good looks or great personality, and on and on . . . .

Since we can only think one thought at a time, when we place that thought on our blessings, it leaves little time for our troubles to stress us: our minds and bodies. We can surf the stress not sink into the drama, focusing instead on the solution. Then that becomes our new habitual way of being.

Practice makes perfect, so be gentle on yourself when you cecum to the drama, and forget all about gratitude and the solution. You are human after all. Our brains take time to connect the nuro pathways that allow us to create the habit of being be grateful with ease. If we are habitually playing in the drama club of life, then learning to do the opposite takes some time.

Like every new subject we learn, it seems foreign at first, and then it starts to sink in, and before we know it we’ve got it down pat, and we are wondering what the big deal was. Gratitude is worth the effort, and its interest is compounded. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and on levels unseen by most.

Gratitude is cosmic gold, and we all have a little bit of the cosmos in us: star dust. So sprinkle a little star dust on your problems and watch them fade away . . . that is the power of gratitude.