By age 49, my knee was in bad shape. 2 injury’s and massive inflammation caused my knee to feel like it was being squeezed in a vice grip. Whether sitting, standing, or laying down, my knee was on fire. Medicine of any kind offered little relief.

I was considering amputation!

14 years before, I was riding on a metal scooter and fell, and punctured my knee pad, or so I believed. It healed 90 % of the way, and the last 10 % was just a left over naggle. At times it would suddenly become a stabbing pain, but that usually didn’t last long, and then I could resume life as usual.

2 years ago, I tripped over a hose while gardening at midnight – which I strongly do not advise – and slammed down on cement, injured knee first. My knee swelled and became deep shades of purple, black, and red from my upper calf, to above my knee. The bones felt crushed, and I couldn’t bend it.

Truthfully, I didn’t think much about it. 2 weeks before, I had just injured my neck and shoulder and flattened 3 disks in my neck, and that took the last of my savings, since I had no insurance, and paid out-of-pocket for the MRI, the Chiropractor, the Accupuncturist, the neck pump & new pillow, the nutrients, and a massage.

My shoulder girdle had popped out, and my collar-bone was protruding, pulling on the disks in my neck. My Accupuncturist helped heal me 90 % of the way, but my knee with 2 injuries was connected to my neck and shoulder injuries.

4 years prior, my chiropractor had given me a blood test for allergies, and I gave up dairy, corn, chicken, beef, etc., and my joint problems which had started 4 years before, vanished. All but my injured knee.

My complexion cleared up when I gave up dairy and corn, but it still had about 10 % to improve.

Going 95 % vegan all but eliminated my inflammation, pain, injuries, complexion, and overweight issues. Making the switch was fairly easy at first . . . I had just watched, “Forks Over Knives” on going vegan, and was shocked, and in a flash became the food-nazi. For 3 month’s, nothing but raw or steamed veggies, fruits & nuts, seeds, sauerkraut, and homemade pickles passed my lips.

I meditated and visualized myself running, jumping, and using my 100 % healthy knees in my everyday life. I watched a movie of myself with a healthy body and 2 perfect knees navigating my day with ease, pain free.

The doctor gave me 3 shots of cortisone, one a month for 3 month’s. That brought the swelling down so the injuries could heal. The knee cap is a very tight area, and my knee wouldn’t heal because the swelling never went down for the blood to flow in and bring healing nutrients. I thought I was headed for surgery.

I found that strengthening my knee with low impact exercise was a huge benefit. I used a stair machine, a bike, walking, stretching, and knee flexes to strengthen both knees.

My food choices were important, too. I gave up 95 % of the meat, dairy, sugar, bread (gluten) , corn, soy, and all snack foods I used to consume. Then I would try to only eat one complex food at a time, so I could more easily isolate problem foods.

I noticed that once a certain food was out of my system – which took about 3 weeks – I could reintroduce it and see at what point it began to give me trouble. Usually, anything in extreme moderation was fine. Even the foods I had been allergic to were no problem in extreme moderation, and that told me what I had been suspecting: all nutrition came from veggies, a few fruits, nuts & seeds, beans & legumes, and flax & coconut oil only, and anything that was not in those categories was a toxin my body would need to deal with, and was taking more energy to digest than the less toxic foods such as vegies, etc.

All digestion takes a massive amount of energy. The less dense and more nutritious food is, the less energy it takes to move through you, leaving more energy for you to use during your day. Extra food consumed causes inflammation in our bodies and our brains. We need the nutrition that is utilized, and not anymore than that, or it will cause problems.

Veggies such as ginger root and spinach are pain relievers and also contain the building blocks needed for a healing to occur. Almonds and sunflower seeds offer a large quantity of calcium needed for strong bones and a healthy body. Sauerkraut aids digestion, and considering that most of our immune system is found in our digestive tract, that is a benefit. White and black beans are loaded with vital nutrients and taste good and add bulk to veggies, which are mostly water.

Once I got the exercise and the food figured out, my knee healed the rest of the way. I still have about 3 % to go, but I am now confident it will make it back to 100 % wellness.

Cheers to that!