Humans seem to need money to live on planet earth. But why is that? All that we need to survive is growing wild. Do we need high-rise buildings, and shrimp louis to be happy? Must we have high-powered corporate jobs and stiletto heels to feel fulfilled? Money acts like a drug for many people, and they cannot get enough of it . . . they must get their fix.

There is a saying that “money is evil”, but money is simply a form of exchange. If you barter with jellybeans, do jellybeans become evil? Or is greed evil? When people can’t get enough money, whether gold, paper, or assets of another kind, and they rig the game so that they get someone else’s share of the pie, that is evil. They may lie and cheat, and do unscrupulous acts: that is greed. Greed is evil, not the form of exchange we use to trade products and services.

“Because I can”, seems to be the battle cry of the greedy and too many corporations. They understand the cost, but not the value, and if they can pay for it, then anything goes. Never mind that they are destroying the environment, innocent animals, or even humans – they don’t care.

Drugs affect people like nothing you’ve ever experienced, unless you have been hooked on heroin, coke, or meth. Food issues, although they feel like being addicted to drugs, actually are easier to overcome than drugs. Although perhaps sugar – which is labeled as an additive by the FDA – should be an illegal drug . . . it affects us in insidious ways that we are unaware of.

Food, like drugs, have deeper roots than the taking of the drugs or the eating of the food, and those deeper issues are the reasons many are killing themselves with a substance. Until the root of the problem is addressed, we will never be free of our addiction.

Money seems to have the greed effect on some people. As if no matter how much they have in their accounts, it is never enough. 1 million, 1 billion, 1 trillion is not going to satisfy them. They need more, endlessly more. The hole in these people – as well as the food and heroin addict – is so deep, there is not enough of what they are using to fill the hole in the entire universe.

For the food and drug addict, this can mean the end of their life. For the person addicted to money, this can mean other people’s lives or livelihood. Especially when they are willing to sell their soul to get their fix – their high.

I hope that one day we all can live free of the chains that bind us . . . we all have them, and we don’t understand the next persons, or even our own. Perhaps our problems are needed for our personal evolution. Is earth a learning-ground, or maybe a playground?

How about a prison? For many on planet earth, life is a torturous grind of “lets see if I can survive the day”. Animals and humans, fauna and flora are under attack, or protected with armed guards. The world has gone crazy, or maybe it always was.

We will either learn to treat each other well – and earth, too – or we won’t and we will pay the consequences, or rather, our children and grandchildren will. One day they will look back to this time in history and ask, “Why didn’t you speak up and stop them from taking it all, and destroying earth in the process?”