The world around us isn’t what it seems . . . 90% is quantum in nature, where all possibilities exist. What we can see is the small percentage of reality we have brought into physical form. We mistake what is seen or detected by our 5 senses for all that there is, but waves of possibility abound, and matter – your couch, or your dinner, or your cat – is what we have thought into form by arranging the particles into our idea of our reality.

For one moment suspend your belief of “what is” and think of something out of the box – way out! Can you imagine flying? Can you phase your body out of form into pure ether? Can you visit the moon, or mars, or another universe entirely? Can you be happy and fulfilled here on earth?

If we only look at what we can detect, then nothing changes, what is, IS, and that is that. The end of the story. But what if we wanted to tell a new story yet untold, or reimagine ourselves into another creation? How would we do that?

Imagination is our gateway into those infinite possibilities . . . we hold the key in our minds to every good thing we desire. How do we enter that world? I mean actually enter it and walk around for a while?

Right now, think of what your deepest desire is. For one moment imagine you are there. Can you? With practice you could. Like every muscle that is not used, it takes a bit of effort to exercise it into a strong working muscle. Our brains are a muscle and can get flabby. So is your imagination, although it exists in a place that is hidden from our material world. The more we enter it and run and jump around, the stronger our imagination gets.

Even the brain is easier to imagine than our imagination. People have taken brains out of the dead and displayed them in jars or taken pictures, and we have an actual picture of what it is. But that doesn’t mean we understand the brains magnificence.

Like the inner workings of your computer, what the brain does is mind-boggling, and is infinitely more amazing than the electronic box sitting on your desk. If you understood and harnessed the 90% of brain matter that is not used in your daily life, your world, you, and even the cosmos would change to mirror your envisioned reality.

You, are your brains programmer. If you do not actively program your brain with your ideas, then whatever ideas blow your way, will. Your brain has no ability to program itself, anymore than your legs can decide to get up off the couch and run a marathon without you.

Soon, the reality around you would be what you had previously imagined, as long as you were able – and this also takes effort – to hold that vision predominantly in mind. So where as we have countless thoughts each day, and most are fleeting and unimportant, if you held your desired vision for yourself and your world front and center, and gave it a bit of attention each day, soon you would pull it to you.

Guided meditation is the quickest and most assured way to usher in your new dreamed reality. Daily 30 minute imaginings while you are relaxed and open will manifest your new world in short order. My favorite is the Silva Method, of 3, 2, 1 . . . take a deep breath through your mouth, and exhale through your nose while seeing the # 3 in you mind 3 times, then repeat with the # 2, and then the # 1. Run around in your imagination for 10-30 minutes, and when you are ready to come out of your meditation, count from 5 down to 1, saying the words, “I am coming out feeling better and better, with more energy and abundant health than before.

Every morning wake up with thoughts of the new you, and every night drop off to sleep with thoughts of your new life.

The negativity in your life will soon drop away, and in proportion to the attention you give to your new vision, the old patterns of thought that have created your current reality will shrivel up and die.

Like a garden in your mind, your thoughts are the food, water and fertilizer for your dreams. – and also for your fears and doubts when thinking negative thoughts of lack. Even if you do not understand how to create, you are! Every thought you think is creating your future. Every feeling you experience is throwing fuel on your fire – your dreams or your fears.

By default, you are creating your body, your job, your relationships, and your world. How much money you have depends on you, not the world at large, not your circumstances, not your boss.

Every subject is really 2 subjects – lack is on one side, and prosperity is on the other side. Which side you throw your weight toward will become your experience.

Your brain is being rewired with every thought you think, and if you are experiencing the same old reality, it is because you are thinking the same old thoughts, and cementing what is.

If you want to change, and grow a new garden with experiences you want, then you will need to reimagine your life. If you want to create good health instead of illness, you will need to reimagine what good health looks like. Then like a garden, you will need to water it with love and the intention that you are growing good health and abundant vitality, offering as little thought as possible to illness.

In the beginning – just like an actual veggie garden – it takes a bit of extra work to get the seeds well watered and sprouted. Once the sprouts begin to show, and the plant has taken root, it will take much less effort.

At a certain point, your new way of being will become automatic, and will require little effort, much like your current reality now does. We humans are wired to operate on automatic pilot and free up the creative energy for new endeavors.

Emotion is the pathway our desires and dreams travel on, and our feelings are what breathe life into the new us. Just seeing the new us “out there” will offer little harvest. Feeling and emotion are needed to obtain our imagined reality.

You do this every day, many times . . . you put massive emotion into how broke you are, how ill you are, how miserable you are, or how fixed life is. Why not free up just a fraction of that energy and water a new garden of grandeur, of wellness, of goodness? Think a new thought, and in doing so forge a new pathway for your prosperous vision to travel on and bring to you your dream life.

If what is, IS, then nothing new would be invented, or discovered. Clearly many people have known how to create, even if they didn’t understand the process of creation. Now science is understanding our brains, and how they work. How the neuro pathways are created and also die. Thought. Our thoughts – the predominant thoughts, not the fleeting thoughts – are how we rewire our brains to create our new dreamed-of-life with relative ease.

The old pathways shrivel up and die as we starve them by giving them no attention, or at least less attention.

Our brain is filled with neuro transmitters sending information to different areas. The pathways must be present in order for us to experience what we desire. If we are thinking of lack in any area, then those are the pathways present. If we want to create new pathways of abundance and prosperity, then we must create those pathways in our brains. Lack and prosperity travel on different neuro paths.

Doubt is the killer of dreams. Your doubt – which is just a thought that can be changed – is killing every good intention you desire for yourself and your world. Give doubt the boot, and meditate on your newly imagined you.

Doubt must be dealt with, or like the weeds and gofers in your garden, it will choke and destroy every good intention that sprouts.

Take a trip into your wildest imaginings, and see yourself in them as if you are already what you desire. Watch a movie with your new self as the star and walk the path of the new you in all of life’s details: what are you wearing, doing, eating, driving, what is your career, how much money is in your bank account, where do you live, what kind of home do you live in, are you lean and fit, who are your friends, your family, your mate, what is your health like, your hair like, your skin like, are you happy, are you having fun, are you feeling good?

Give any and all doubts a kick in the bumstead, and live free from the pain your doubts – and worries, which is another word for doubt – cause you. It is possible to reprogram your brain, and create a magical life filled with the wonders of the universe. If it wasn’t, we would all still live in caves and exist without fire or the wheel, whacking our food over the head with wooden clubs.

It is possible to live in the world of Infinite Possibilities . . . you already do. But it is up to you to make the right choices that lead you to your fondest dreams and desires. No one is going to – or able to – do it for you. Within you are all the tools you need to succeed. You are not only capable, you are wired for success. See it, feel it, and become it. So be it!