When I was a teen – 35 years ago – I heard a lot from the older generation how we teens were spoiled and wanted everything handed to us. Now all I hear is the older generation wanting everything handed to them. They want cheap products and services, they expect to get everything for cheap, or for free.

They say they paid for their freebies in their taxes, but that isn’t true. I am paying for their freebie’s in my tax bill . . . they paid a small fraction of what they are now receiving. Their greed could sink the very institutions I am paying for. When I need my social security, it may not be there. When I need medicare, it may be bankrupt.

I understand that every President, with Congress’ help, going back since the beginning of SS has taken out cash and left in its place an IOU, but We the People allowed it to happen. Few spoke up. Fewer demanded they replace OUR money we paid for in our payroll taxes. Technically, SS is flush with money for many years to come, but in actuality it has a zero balance on the books. Our elected officials bought their wars with our hard-earned money, and squandered it on their pet projects, and cronyism.

I am not against social security going to the elderly, I am happy the system exists. I am glad in America we have that safety net and support system.

But how has the older generation become so whinny? How is it that they are the new teenager? Many of them lived through at least 2 wars and the depression, and yet they have become complainers that cannot wait in line because they are “too busy”! Busy doing what?

Most elderly have all day to wait in line. I am working 3 jobs, and am the one short on time, yet I wait patiently for my turn, and offer no complaint.

Drugs are partially to blame . . . our elderly are drugged up on prescription drugs. Many of them are on 2-5 drugs experiencing multiple health issues, and debilitating side effects due to their enormous drug intake. And still, most elderly are against the legalization of pot, which is proven to help alleviate many issues, such as pain. All the while popping oxycodone and hydrocodone pills – heroin! Hypocrisy at its finest.

There was a home fire in my neighborhood, and the rumor mill started a rumor that the house was a meth lab that caught fire. The fire marshal came to address our residents, most of which are over 55. The fire marshal explained that the burned out home had not been a meth lab, and that even a meth lab would have nothing on the residents drug use, since they harbor in their homes more prescription drugs that an entire 3rd world country. And he wasn’t taking into account the gallons of empty alcohol bottles they discarded in their trash every week.

Where I live most elderly are living the life-O-Riley: 2 homes, luxury cars, vacations up the ying-yang, yet they want me to work for a wage that places me in poverty. How can this be? Then they don’t want me or anyone else to be given their free stuff, like everything belongs to them.

Healthcare is a good example, they have it, and I pay for it. They are at the doc’s office many times a month, and receive many outlandishly expensive surgeries, all for nearly free. That’s what they expect.

A friend I cared for – again, for free – expected the kingdom to be handed to her. The last straw was when she wanted a rose garden planted by those of us helping her, although we were doing so for no pay. She had an army of people doing all her work. On top of that, she was 100 % on the dole, all the while telling us that we should not receive government sponsored healthcare, while she gorged on government assistance. She was a republican. Many of my republican friends are on SSI, or on the dole, at the same time proclaiming that we looser-takers should back off of their free stuff.

I am tired of these new “teenagers” complaining, doing nothing, taking with both hands out. They need a reality check, and to start taking responsibility for themselves and their needs.

Maybe we should put them on restriction? Not allow them to go to the casino and hang out with their friends? I don’t know what the answers are.

I realized the elderly had become the new teenager when my 96-year-old gram was on the phone, on hold, trying to pay a bill, and said, when the person came on to help her, “I don’t have time to wait all day, I need to be helped now” – she does have all day, and she has nothing to do other than wait her turn. My gram is no slouch, either, she is a doer, and not a taker, and that’s when I realized how far gone the older generation was.

Living in a retirement community, I saw it all around me, the elderly were draining the system dry, in an attempt to “get theirs” before someone else did. They had long abandoned their conservative ways, born from the depression, and hearty living without government assistance.

Many older people do need help, and don’t have enough to get by on. I, as an American, am thrilled to pay for their assistance, and I want to help them in any way I can. I pay with my taxes, give to charities that help older folks, and help my neighbors when they are ill.

But perhaps the elderly can inject a dose of “reality”, and join us in the real world where we have to pay for everything, and nothing is free.

I know the income gap is widening, and there will be many more elderly needing help in the future, but if we all pull together and chip in, we can find the solutions to the massive problems America faces.

The elderly teenagers will have to grow up, and pull their weight, and quit the complaining “me-me-me” chant they sing. I know they can do it. They are amazing people with a lot to offer.

There will always be those who cannot do for themselves and they will need our help, but those who can stand on their own, should. It is in their best interest to do so.

I have finally figured out how to live free from illness and pain, and am willing to do the heavy lifting my life requires in order to live healthily . . . no one is going to do it for me. I plan on living disease free, healthy, and strong until the day I kick-it at age 100 in my garden, with a sugar-free, gluten-free cookie in one hand, bending over to pinch my younger boyfriends bum (he will be 80).

Cheers to that.

PS…..the picture on this rants cover is of my 96 year old gram!