Scientists are finding that our brains can be rewired . . . we can break unwanted habits, and create a life we designed and built with the help of our magnificent muscle – the human brain.

95 % of our DNA is quantum – connected to All that Is – and we can reprogram it as we like. But first it must be activated. Desire is the activation code, our imagination is the vehicle, and directed meditation opens the doorway into our imagination placing us directly in the drivers-seat.

What lights your desire. What keeps your flame of desire burning?

Einstein, Socrates, and other great minds throughout history used directed meditation to unlock their genius, and download technology and information from the future. Einstein created “thought experiments” where he entered a meditative state he called a “nap” and imagined what it would be like to ride on a quasar going the speed of light. He imagined it in vivid detail – how it looked, how it sounded, how it felt as if he was sitting on top of the quasar at that moment.

Einstein had an amazing brain. At his death his brain was that of a 20 year olds brain.

Leonardo da Vinci asked the Universe to “Tell him”, and boy did it ever! He said, “Tell me!” often.  Da Vinci didn’t ask, he commanded. And the Matrix – the fabric of the Universe – responded accordingly. It has no free will to do otherwise, only you possess free will. No one can over ride your free will. Da Vinci didn’t shackle the Universe by making his request too detailed, too narrow. He simply said, ‘tell me the secrets of the Universe’, and he received information far beyond anyone’s knowing.

Time is not fixed, it is fluid. On one hand, on earth we operate under linear time, but beyond this realm, time is stacked into one infinite moment. Understanding that would make time travel a reality. Perhaps there is more than one of us, too. A doppelgänger in other dimensions. Who really knows the wonders of the cosmos – including earth – all we can do is continually push our imagination to the outer limits of our potential.

If you are not actively creating, then you are creating by default. Most of us are taught and conditioned to think negatively. “Good things never happen to me!”, “I never win anything!”, “I’ll never have enough money!”, “You cannot change it”, “I am sick you know!” Even if we aren’t saying it, we are thinking it.

Our brain is like a computer. Computers can be programmed. Our DNA is our software, and it can be reprogrammed. Previously, scientists believed that our DNA comprised up to 95 % junk DNA, and only 5 % DNA we actually used.

That kind of thinking is problematic . . . if we do not understand something should we label it junk, or not possible? That is the height of arrogance. Why don’t we say that we don’t yet know what 95 % of our DNA does. That would be accurate, truthful.

Science is less fact and more hypothesis and controlled deduction. It is fluid and connected to the divine and the grandeur of the Universe. When a human states that their scientific findings are fact, indisputable, and truth, I wonder if they are playing with a full deck, full of hubris, or an ego maniac.

I love the big bang theory – both the TV show and the beginning of the Universe – but those who tout it as absolute truth, leaving no room for anyone else’s ideas, I ask, “Really, were you there?” Is it possible they are wrong, too, like countless before them?

Scientists once believed the Universe was collapsing, and now they believe it to be expanding – which is it? They presented the collapsing theory as fact, and then presented the expanding theory as fact. Is there yet a 3rd possibility? Or many possibilities? Infinite possibilities?

Our mind is not of this earthly realm – our mind is our nonphysical self, higher self, soul self, or God self (or whatever term you prefer). Our higher – soul self has our earthly purpose front and center, whereas our brain is only capable of being programmed, and our DNA is only capable of programing our computer. We must direct our magnificent gifts – our brain and our DNA – with our mind.

The body is a highly advanced meat based robot, a product of what our brain sends out. The body can heal itself of any illness when programmed correctly, or attack itself if the brain misfires and sends out a signal that there is a foreign invader within . . . the result can be illness or death if our brains signal is not corrected . . . rewired.

As we meditate on who we desire ourselves to be – whatever that is: thinner, wealthier, healthier, happier, more generous, or more genius – we rewire our brain and connect pathways that previously were nonexistent. Rewiring our brain causes the old pathways to shrivel up and die off.

As we think about what being happy looks like, and we adopt the feeling of happiness – and feeling is the key – we are redirecting our brain to rewire new connections and break off the old idea of ourselves.

“Feeling is the Secret” Neville’s book written in 1944, explains the exact process involved in choosing a different reality, by “watching a movie of your future self”, you put yourself in the “feeling” place of your new self, and then you pull it to you. The possibility of your new reality already exists, you do not have to create anything, you simply choose another slice of reality to feast on.

As we replace, “I am unhappy” with “I am happy”, “I am sick” with “I am well and healthy”, “I am broke” with “I have plenty of money” , we are literally reprogramming our brain. Our reality changes as a result. We create a new us entirely . . . it is possible to change. “Feeling” or “emotion” is how we drop the old us, and bring in the new us.

Starve your feelings of unworthiness and feed your feelings of greatness.

What you are today, you created yesterday. It is difficult to change what we have already set in motion (our current thought patterns, beliefs, and present reality) so we must meditate, which temporarily suspends our set responses and allows rewiring to be done, and a new us to emerge in our coming moments and our tomorrows.

Prayer is another word for meditate. “Enter into your closet and pray” is a call for us to meditate by going within. Jesus was a master at loving us all, he left no one out, not even his persecutors. Can you love your supposed enemy? You will disarm them when you love them, and rewire your brain to discover and share love.

Why do we believe those who tell us we are powerless and weak? Those who purposely try to knock us down, or those who simply are trying to save us from disappointment. “Don’t get your hopes up” are the worst well-intended words ever uttered.

Although hope is not the “thing”, without hope, little would be accomplished. “Why bother” would be our motto instead, and we would still be living without fire or the wheel.

But hope without expectation is nothing. Hope is the catalyst – and expectation ushers in our envisioned reality. Without hope for betterment we would only be able to expect more of the same. Status quo would be inescapable. Life would be difficult, and that would be that.

Within our brain we possess an inner technology that has the power to transform us into whatever we envision. Learn to use it, and you and your world will morph into your fondest dreams and desires. You can move mountains when you have the faith no bigger than a mustard seed, and the understanding of the power you harbor within.

Rewiring your brain will take your time and your energy – an investment in your future reality that will pay off in tangible and magical ways. While you are alive on planet earth, you may as well live as healthily, joyously, and as boldly as possible, and your DNA is your quantum software meant to program the most magnificent computer in all of the Universes and beyond into the cosmic infinite . . . your brain.

No one can take your power, unless you willingly give it to them. Live boldly and prosper ~ peace to you.