I am an ultra-sensitive. For most of my life I was tossed about by allowing other people’s opinions to penetrate my being . . . people rarely meant to insult me, but my buttons got pushed anyway. I would sink into despair for no apparent reason.

Then one day I decided I should develop a thick skin, but that wasn’t the answer either, what I really I needed to do was to disconnect my “insult” buttons altogether. I began to understand that what other people thought of me was not my business and not my problem.

That idea liberated me from my own insecurities, no thick skin needed, however a pile of work laid before me in the form of discipline and practice.

As I practiced my new-found freedom ~ freedom is like a muscle that must be regularly flexed to be of any use in our lives ~ my sensitivities lessened and my “not-my-prob-not-my-biz” muscles became stronger. I became free to just be me, with no guard up. I watched the pony show go on all around me, and I noticed the ilk, negitivity, and anger was unable to lay a hand on me in any way, seen or unseen. Unless, I willingly joined in which automatically granted them the favor of my free will to their way of thought. Energetically, It didn’t matter that I was joining in opposition, my opposing energy gifted them power, not peace, my chosen “side”.

In my teens I had built a wall . . . a mental protection from whatever I deemed hurtful, and I would erect the wall at a moments notice. Eventually the wall was up all the time, and I was trapped behind it. Life wasn’t as crushing behind the protection of my wall.

I didn’t think it was bad to be trapped behind my wall – it felt safe – my intention was to let in all goodness. But the wall was absolute, and it protected me from harm and prevented many great opportunities meant for me. They still presented themselves, but I couldn’t see clearly if one or another was good for me, so I refused those I should have taken, and took those I should have passed on.

At around age 40, I realized that my wall had to come down. It had been my friend and protector for 30 years. But it was now keeping me from my purpose, my joy, and my innocence regained. I wanted to view the world through innocent eyes, and my wall was in my way.

So down it came, and in flooded the joy and the love of the world, and the goodness that was now bountiful on spaceship earth. People were sharing themselves and their lives with strangers, and once they did, the strangers became friends.

We realized that we are not so different. We all need and desire love and mercy, and when we let compassion lead the way, our lives change for good in a nano-second.

My wall became a thing of my past, and on occasion – when the world got too heavy – I would erect my wall. It felt good to be behind my protective wall. As time passed, my wall became a prison, and although it wasn’t my walls fault, it was no longer serving me – it was harming me.

Safety and security are an illusion, and we must find strength within pressence for happiness and freedom to prevail, in this moment called the present, the gift, all we have ever known, all that is knowable, now.

My wall also took a tremendous amount of energy to maintain and to build. I wanted to use that energy more productively, and to soar and to discover my purpose. My wall needed to be smashed to bits.

I now live free from insults, and never sink due to someone’s off-hand remarks or innocent comments. Most people do not mean to insult, or push our buttons, they are simply doing the best they can. So when we let it go, and really stop it at our door (our thought), then it doesn’t even enter our field of being.

For those who do hurl words as weapons, I have never allowed them to peirce my armor of kindness and love ~ my true feelings and intentions for my life and what I offer to others. I have been tempted to be insulted, but I decided that everything that came from them was about them, and not me, so not to waste my time and precious energy, in the process gifting to them powerful energy to use to harm. I refuse to stoop to their level to deliver the message that I’ve been insulted, and within my stone~faced silence is found the most destructive energy on earth . . . the denial of me being insulted and taking back of my power. They need my power to live! I deny them life by NOT responding! Remove yourself from the argument, and the argument falls to the ground in defeat. It takes 2 to tango. It takes 2 to argue. It takes 2 to insult and be insulted. Follow my thinking here?

I am finally unsinkable and unnsultable. Not that someone won’t ever say something stupid, or that I won’t ever get angry again, but I will let it roll on by as quickly as it enters my space. I allow it in, and I kick it out.

When someone purposely insults us, we have a choice . . . to get our panties all bunched up, or to not react or respond. It is easy to respond without thinking by becoming insulted, then it becomes a habit. To sit back and ask ourselves if it is worth our time takes some work. But in the end it has the highest payoff for us.

Become uninsultable and unsinkable and you will soar to the heights of heaven, and sing with the angels, while speaking directly to your Creator. Our hurt and angry feelings only keep us down and small. If we truly want to find our way in this big world, we will have to tear down our walls. To live free from our self-created pain – yes, it is our pain we created, not “theirs”, they didn’t do anything “to us”.

What comes from another person is their energy, and it stops at our energy field and knocks on our energetic door. Then we have a choice: to open it, and when we do we let it in, or we can say “no one is home, go away and do not come back.”

To live empowered is king . . . and allowing kindness and compassion to rule us is queen. And we all know who rules the masculine – the feminine. They skip hand in hand merrily in joy and love . . . until we allow someone to break them a part.

Personal power is needed to navigate this world, and innocence and compassion make sure that our power doesn’t crush us, or worse, entrap us in the nasty game of power struggles, control, and greed.

Learning to become uninsultable and unsinkable is the best way I have found to stay afloat in a harsh, yet magnificently beautiful world. It is our view that must change . . . you will spend your life and moments trying to change another, and in the end, you will fail and be worse off for your effort, regardless of your good intentions.

Save yourself, and live free and in-joy. That is the only way worth living . . . all the rest is just window dressing and distraction. Start now, and say, “today I am free-born, and I am going to roll easily through my day with purpose, compassion, and joy. No one but me has the power to harm me, and I will be the love that I AM to all I meet, and give them the gift of kindness and mercy, and I will receive the same.”

You will be the biggest winner, and receive rewards unimagined. Your life will change for the better, and as a result, so will your world and all beings within.

Cheers to that!